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In our extensive product range you can find everything needed for a clean and safe working process in a dairy industry laboratory. In addition to the high-quality products of our own-brand, Dinkelberg analytics, we also procure all leading manufacturers, including WTW, Astori, Merck Millipore, Whatman or Macherey-Nagel. This enables us to offer a solution for every problem and application in diary laboratories. Our standard product range covers the entire range of milk analysis. You will find:

  • Laboratory equipment such as water baths, ph meters, centrifuges, incubators or packaging tester (special sizes available)
  • Various consumables such as pipette tips or rapid tests
  • Industrial and laboratory chemicals such as sulfuric acid, amyl alcohol or calibration standards
  • Culture media and petri dishes
  • Laboratory equipment made of glass or other materials such as butyrometers or test tubes

We also offer you key consumables for cryoscopy at very attractive prices. These products can be used with cryoscopy equipment of all manufactures (eg. Advanced Instruments, Funke Gerber, Astori etc.).

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Dairy Laboratory


Dinkelberg analytics has been recognized as competent partner of the dairy and food industry for nearly 100 years. The product portfolio comprises besides laboratory and industrial chemicals, microbiological culture media, supplies, and laboratory equipment from numerous manufacturers. As a specialist in the supply of dairy industry laboratories, we provide you with everything enabling safe and exact work in the dairy industry. In our product range you can find among others various consumables such as petri dishes, tools and equipment for the cryoscopic method, as well as standards and culture media.