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We offer a wide range of filters from different manufacturers. To provide you with a better overview, the filters are divided into membrane filters, glass fiber filters, paper filters and syringe attachment filters. Both the brand manufacturers offered by us such as MerckMillipore, Pall and Sartorius as well as our own brand Altmann Analytik are manufactured exclusively from high-quality materials. Thus we can ensure quality, reproducibility and uniformity for all filters. In addition, filter vials are an integral part of the product range. If you still can not find the right filter for your needs, we are happy to advise you.

Filters from MerckMillipore, Pall, Sartorius, and Whatman

Manufacturer Products/Category
MerckMillipore                 syringe pre-filter membrane filter
Pall Syringe Prefilter Filters Membrane Filters Glass Fiber Filters
Sartorius syringe attachment filter Membrane filter Glass fiber filter Paper filter
Whatman syringe pre-filter filter membrane filter paper filter glass fiber filter

Membrane filters allow the filtration of minute components by retaining impurities larger than the pore size on the membrane surface. This leads to a cleaning and concentration. The membrane filters differ in their pore size, material and diameter. They are mostly used for critical applications such as sterilization and end filtration. Paper filters are available as round filters or folding filters. Both differ in their diameters and thicknesses. There are also many other filter types like glass fiber filter, inline filter or gas GC filter.

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