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Bond Elut LRC-PBA, 100MG, 50 Stk.

Bond Elut LRC-PBA, 100MG, 50 Stk.

264,00 €
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Agilent Technologies

Bond Elut LRC-PBA, 100MG, 50 Stk.

Hersteller: Agilent Technologies
Artikel-Nr.: AG12113018
264,00 €
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PAK (50 St)


Bond Elut PBA is a unique silica SPE sorbent containing a phenylboronic acid functionality that can retain analytes via a reversible covalent bond. This very strong covalent retention mechanism enables high specificity and cleanliness. The boronate group has a strong affinity for cis-diol containing compounds such as catechols, nucleic acids, some proteins, carbohydrates and PEG compounds. Aminoalcohols, alpha-hydroxy amides, keto compounds, and others can also be retained.

Technische Details

Hersteller Agilent Technologies
Kategorie SPE-Kartuschen
Sorbens PBA
Volumen 10 ml
Füllmenge 100 mg