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CHEM ELUT-3ML, PH 9.0, 100 Stk.

CHEM ELUT-3ML, PH 9.0, 100 Stk.

321,00 €
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Agilent Technologies

CHEM ELUT-3ML, PH 9.0, 100 Stk.

Hersteller: Agilent Technologies
Artikel-Nr.: AG12198005



PAK (100 pc)

321,00 €


Chem Elut and Tox Elut are economical Supported Liquid Extraction choices, available in buffered and unbuffered configurations. Agilent SLE products use a broad-performance inert diatomaceous earth sorbent for rapid, general sample preparation. Clean, inert diatomaceous earth sorbent material provides a surface for the aqueous sample, and an immiscible solvent is used to perform the extraction, resulting in a clean extract. Chem Elut Plus uses a diatomaceous earth sorbent that is specially prepared for trace-level analysis. SLE offers advantages over standard liquid-liquid extraction methods, including support for automation for high throughput, and better recoveries and precision by removing issues with emulsions that are often formed when performing liquid-liquid extraction.


Technische Details

Hersteller Agilent Technologies
Art Chem Elut Kartuschen
Volumen / Gebindegröße 3 ml

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