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Bondesil C18-Massensorbens, 40 μm, 100 g

Bondesil C18-Massensorbens, 40 μm, 100 g

308,00 €
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Agilent Technologies

Bondesil C18-Massensorbens, 40 μm, 100 g

Hersteller: Agilent Technologies
Artikel-Nr.: AG12213012



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308,00 €


The same Bondesil sorbent packed into the industry-leading Bond Elut cartridges is available in bulk for large-scale purification or packing custom cartridges. The Bondesil family of bulk silica, carbon, and polymeric sorbents are specifically designed for ultra-selective chemical separation such as custom packing of SPE columns, Flash Chromatography, large-scale preparative separations, HPLC column switching systems, Matrix Solid Phase Dispersion, low pressure chromatographic systems, and batch extraction from large-volume samples. The average particle size of Bondesil sorbents are 40 μm and 120 μm, irregular

Technische Details

Hersteller Agilent Technologies
Kategorie Sorbentien
Sorbens C18 (RP18, ODS, Octadecyl)
Füllmenge 100 g