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GC Packing Material ResSil B Packing, 80/100 mesh, 1g

GC Packing Material ResSil B Packing, 80/100 mesh, 1g

48,20 €
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GC Packing Material ResSil B Packing, 80/100 mesh, 1g


Mindestbestellmenge 10g Packing Material Only
Hersteller: Restek
Artikel-Nr.: RE25080
48,20 €
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  • Deutschland

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Res-Sil® Packing Materials

  • Unique separation of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons.
  • Innovative bonding chemistry for batch-to-batch reproducibility, excellent thermal stability, and long life.
  • Wide range of bonded phases available.
  • Equivalent to Waters Durapak packings.

Similar Phase(,s),:
Res-Sil® replaces:
Porasil B
Porasil C

Bonded silica packings with n-octane or cyanopropyl (,OPN), functional groups yield faster separations of C1 to C4 hydrocarbons, higher thermal stability, shorter conditioning times, and longer lifetimes than conventional packings. However, bonded silica packings have had inconsistent reproducibility and limited availability. Restek’,s research team has solved these age-old problems by developing Res-Sil® C packings for consistent performance. Unique Selectivity for Process GC and High-Speed Analysis of Petrochemicals Res-Sil® C bonded packings are ideal for fast resolution of difficult-to-separate saturated and unsaturated C4 hydrocarbons. This unique selectivity, when combined with other columns in series, provides petroleum and petrochemical method developers with a powerful tool for fast determination of C1 to C5 hydrocarbons.1 Innovative Research and Stringent QA Provide Batch-to-Batch Consistency Restek’,s synthesis procedure eliminates batch-to-batch variations. The amount of bonded liquid phase is precisely controlled in every batch, for reproducible retention times and separations. Each production batch of Res-Sil® C packing is tested with a complex hydrocarbon mixture to meet demanding retention time and retention index specifications. Column bleed is also evaluated to ensure that there are no retention shifts or high baselines. OPN on Res-Sil® C Packing—the Latest in a Line of Bonded GC Phases Restek offers a wide range of bonded packings for packed column GC, including Rtx®-1, Stabilwax®, and Carbowax® phases. We have extended this technology to make n-octane on Res-Sil® C packing, and OPN on Res-Sil® C packing. Each of these packings has low bleed, conditioning times of less than 30 minutes, long lifetime, and consistent batch-to-batch reproducibility. Minimum order of 10 grams. Price is per gram.

Technische Details

Hersteller Restek

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