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Secure-Fit Fitting SS Double Ended 50cm x 0.005

Secure-Fit Fitting SS Double Ended 50cm x 0.005

122,85 €
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Secure-Fit Fitting SS Double Ended 50cm x 0.005

Hersteller: Restek
Artikel-Nr.: RE26513



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122,85 €
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A good connection between HPLC components is necessary for trouble-free chromatography. Secure-Fit connectors from Restek and Selerity Technologies ensure a consistent, leak-free seal—and they eliminate excess dead volume! An internal spring mechanism holds the capillary tubing at the proper depth in the female fitting. This seal is maintained while you finger-tighten the nut. These fittings are available in stainless steel or PEEK, and in a variety of tubing lengths and internal diameters.

Technische Details

Hersteller Restek

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