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HPLC Column Lichrosorb 100 Si, 10.0 µm, 2 x 250 mm

Altmann Analytik
Item number: AANLS1S-10025020 Brand: Altmann Analytik
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LiChrosorb® is one of the most successful and reliable HPLC packing materials on the market. As polar packing material, Lichrosorb 100 Si and Lichrosorb 60 Si consist of irregular particles of silica medium with a pore size of 10 nm (100Å), which are suitable for normal phase chromatography.

More Information
Brand Altmann Analytik
Column description LiChrosorb
Package specification Silica
Inner diameter 2 mm
mode Normal Phase (NP)
Particle Size 10,0 µm
Pore size 100 Å
USP number L3
Length 250 mm