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About us

Specialist dealer for Chromatography and Lab Supply for more than 30 years

We are one of Europe’s main suppliers for products for chromatography, spectroscopy and sample preparation. Based in Munich, Germany, we distribute a great variety of products from more than 30 manufacturers and, at the same time offer our own product line as a low-cost but just as high-quality alternative. The quality management certificate according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 emphasizes our high quality standards. At Analytics-Shop.com you can choose from more than 200,000 products.

Our customers benefit from our good relations to high-standard manufacturers. As authorized dealer of numerous well-known manufacturers we are able to sell products at attractive conditions. We are independent and our professionals are happy to give you competent and qualified advice. Well-educated experts in chemistry, rich experience in sales and great motivation add to our success.



Our headquarters in Munich, Germany

Independent advice from product experts

We attach particular importance to competent and well-trained employees, who can independently advise our customers with great expertise. Individual advice is one of our core values ​​and is highly valued by our customers (see results of the customer survey at the bottom of this page). This is also reflected in our more than 300 positive reviews on TrustedShops.

To let you know who you are speaking to by phone or email, here are some of our sales representatives:

Your contact persons

Tanja Häfner
Head of Sales


  • Education: Graduate Engineer Chemistry (FH)
  • Expertise:
    - 12 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry
    - HPLC and chromatography
    - Sample preparation
    - Method development and validation (HPLC)
    - Synthesis of proteins and oligonucleotides
    - Organic synthesis


Claudia Himmelsbach
Sales Chromatography and Lab Supply


  • Education: Diploma Chemist
  • Expertise:
    - 5 years of professional experience in the lab
    - GC and chromatography
    - Catalysis
    - Spectroscopy
    - Characterization of solids, surfaces and liquids
    - Synthesis
    - Expertise according to § 5 ChemVerbotsV


Maximilian Kurschat
Sales Chromatography and Lab Supply


  • Education: Kaufmann wholesale and foreign trade
  • Expertise:
    - 3 years sales chromatography and laboratory trade
    - Contact person for logistics and price inquiries
    - Customer service and order processing


Petra Wanzke
Sales Lab Supply


  • Education: Diploma Chemist
  • Expertise:
    - 8 years lab supply
    - dairy industry, lab supply, chemicals



Susanne Stegmeir
Sales Lab Supply


  • Education:  Medical specialist in hospital laboratory
  • Expertise:
    - 4 years of chemical wholesaling
    - 4 years lab supply
    - Focus on chemicals and laboratory supplies
    - Expertise according to § 5 ChemVerbotsV



Altmann Analytik Team

Part of our team at Altmann Analytik, at our location in Gablingen

Customer satisfaction survey 2017

Once again Altmann Analytik carried out a customer satisfaction survey with its customers. The nearly 300 participants rated the laboratory specialist dealer in the areas of product range, service, ordering process and functionality of the online shop.

First, we are very happy about the numerous feedback and the already very great satisfaction:

  •     92% would recommend the Analytics-Shop to others
  •     94% are satisfied or extremely satisfied with our performance

Not only the support from our customer service was praised several times explicitly, but also the functionality of the online shop, the easyorder processing as well as the usability of the site were evaluated positively.

We thank all participants for the great praise and the helpful feedback!