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HPLC Column HALO RP-Amide, 90 Å, 2.7 µm, 0.5 x 150 mm

HPLC Column HALO RP-Amide, 90 Å, 2.7 µm, 0.5 x 150 mm

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Advanced Materials Technology

HPLC Column HALO RP-Amide, 90 Å, 2.7 µm, 0.5 x 150 mm

Manufacturer: Advanced Materials Technology
item no.: AMT98215-707

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HALO columns are designed with 90 Ångstrom pores for small molecule analysis. They are made using 2.7-µm Fused-Core particles with a thin 0.5-µm outer porous shell to provide superior performance compared to totally porous particles. The 2.7-µm particle size also allows HALO columns to be used with both UHPLC and HPLC instrumentation for high speed or high resolution analyses. With a 2-µm inlet frit, HALO columns are excellent for R&D and routine analyses due to their ruggedness and reliability.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Advanced Materials Technology
column description HALO
packing C18 (RP18, ODS, Octadecyl)
modus Reversed Phase (RP)
category HPLC Columns
length 150 mm
inner diameter 0.5 mm
particle size 2.7 µm
pore size 90 Å

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