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Pyridin-2,6-dicarbonsäure (Dipicolinsäure) zur Synthese, 25g

Pyridin-2,6-dicarbonsäure (Dipicolinsäure) zur Synthese, 25g

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Please note that chemicals are only sold to companies and can only be delivered to Germany and Austria.
to the manufacturer
Bernd Kraft

Pyridin-2,6-dicarbonsäure (Dipicolinsäure) zur Synthese, 25g

Manufacturer: Bernd Kraft
item no.: BK25317.0601
Delivery to the following countries:
  • Germany
  • Austria

PAK (25 g)


You can find the Safety Data Sheet here: http://sdbl.bkraft.de/25317de.pdf

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bernd Kraft
category Bernd Kraft chemicals
grade for synthesis
CAS number 499-83-2
GHS classification Attention
Hazard Statements H315, H319, H335
Hazard Symbols XI
Precaution Statements P261, P280, P305, P338, P351, P405, P501
chemical pyridin-2_6-dicarbonsaeure
volume / package size 25 g
Hazard Symbols


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