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The term "Karl Fischer Titration" can be traced back to the beginnings of the quantitive determination of water in 1935. The "Karl Fischer method" was practiced for the first time by German chemist Karl Fischer and manifested itself in several pharmacopoeias since then.

Initially water was titrated with an anhydrous methanolic solution of iodine, sulfur dioxide and pyridine in this method. In 1982 Eugen Scholz changed this procedure by adding basic components such as imidazole or acidic components such as salicylic acid. This modified method is still an essential part of everyday laboratory work.

In the Analytics-Shop you will find numerous reagents for Karl Fischer titration, such as the product line Hydranal by manufacturer Honeywell. It includes, for example, various one- and two-component reagents for volumetric titration, reagents for coulometric titration with and without diaphragm, ethanol-based reagents and much more.

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Karl Fischer Titration

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  1. Fluka

    Hydranal Coulomat AG Oven, 500g

    SKU: FL34739-500ML
    In Stock
  2. Fluka

    Hydranal Water Standard 10,0, 80g

    SKU: FL34849-80ML
    In Stock
  3. Fluka

    HYDRANAL®-Methanol dry

    SKU: FL34741-1L
    In Stock
  4. Fluka

    HYDRANAL®-Composite 5

    SKU: FL34805-1L
    In Stock
  5. Fluka

    Hydranal-Coulomat AG, 500 ml

    SKU: FL34836-500ML
    In Stock
  6. Fluka

    Hydranal-Coulomat AG-H, 500ml

    SKU: FL34843-500ML
    In Stock
  7. Fluka

    HYDRANAL®-Water Standard 1.0

    SKU: FL34828-40ML
  8. Fluka

    Hydranal Puffer 0,5mol/l, 500ml

    SKU: FL34804-500ML
  9. Fluka

    Hydranal-Eichstandard 5.0, 500ml

    SKU: FL34813-500ML
  10. Fluka

    Hydranal Methanol Rapid, 1liter

    SKU: FL37817-1L
  11. Fluka

    Hydranal-Solvent, 2,5L

    SKU: FL34800-2.5L
  12. Fluka

    Hydranal-Titrant 5, 1liter

    SKU: FL34801-1L
  13. Fluka

    HYDRANAL -Titrant 5, 2,5L

    SKU: FL34801-2.5L
  14. Fluka

    Hydranal-Coulomat AD, 500ml

    SKU: FL34810-500ML
  15. Fluka

    Hydranal Solvent Oil, 1liter

    SKU: FL34749-1L
  16. Fluka

    Hydranal-Titrant 2, 500ml

    SKU: FL34811-500ML
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Fundamentals - One & Two Component Reagents

As mentioned aforehand, the reagents based on the Karl Fischer method are to be divided into two different groups. On the one hand, there are so-called one-component reagents which are particularly suitable for the volumetric Karl Fischer titration of water. They include all components such as iodine, sulfur dioxide and imidazole (dissolved in alcohol). Great popularity among users experiences this type of reagents especially because of its easy handling since the components are already mixed to a singular solution. On the other hand there are two-component reagents which are build up slightly differently. Just like the one-component variant, they contain all the needed ingredients, however, divided into two separate solutions. This consists of a solution of sulfur dioxide, imidazole and methanol and a titrant - consisting of iodine and a water equivalent titrant. Both solutions are needed for the volumetric Karl Fischer titration and because of the separate solutions, the two-component version is slightly more complex.