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GC-HS reagents, developed specially for GC headspace analysis, faciliate the optimization for headspace applications. These reagents eliminate any major interference peaks in the elution range of target analytes. Solvent matrixes with highest achievable purity and extremely low or negligible levels of residual solvent impurities provide excellent batch-to-batch consistency. This saves you valuable time and money by avoiding the need for repeat analysis. N,N-Dimethylformamide, Dimethyl Sulfoxide and N,N-Dimethylacetamide are available for more sensitive GC-headspace analysis of volatile organic impurities.

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GC Reagents

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  1. Sigma-Aldrich

    Behenic acid

    SKU: SA11909-100MG
  2. Agilent Technologies

    Bond Elut-C18, 75mg 3ml, 50/Pk

    SKU: AG12102130
  3. Supelco

    CRM, EPA8081 Pesticide Stdmix, 200mg/ml, 1 ml

    SKU: SUCRM46845
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