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Here you can find couplers for HPLC, such as connectors, pressure rings, HPLC nuts and union nuts. For example the VICI Jour PEEK coupling parts can be applied for the most commonly used (inorganic and organic) HPLC solvents without the risk of corrosion, contamination with metal or protein degradation, which may occur when stainless steel is used.

If you are looking for a particular coupling part, e.g. in order to pair HPLC cartridges, use our advanced search function. In addition, we carry around 4,000 capillaries and tubes in our laboratory equipment.

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HPLC couplers

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  1. Hamilton

    Support Spring, 12 Gauge, 100 pc/PAK

    SKU: HT209655
  2. Hamilton

    Support Spring, 18 Gauge, 100 pc/PAK

    SKU: HT209656
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