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Frits are filters made of glass or ceramics, which are applied to filter even finest particles and are among the most frequently used size filters in HPLC systems. They are available in various porosities and sizes and are thus suitable for many applications. The porous parts of the frits have different diameters and different porosities, so, depending on your flow rate, you may want to use a larger "filtering face" to achieve good filtering with less backpressure. PEEK frits are inert and biocompatible and are suitable for a wide array of low and high pressure applications.

We offer frits from Agilent Technologies, Merck Millipore, Restek, SGE, Supelco, Upchurch Scientific, Vici Jour, Vici Valco und Waters.

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  1. Sartorius

    Flachseal, Silikon, unter der Fritte

    SKU: ST6980124
  2. Sartorius

    Microsart Frit

    SKU: ST1ZU-0001
  3. Sartorius

    Glasfritte (16308)

    SKU: ST6980193
  4. Sartorius


    SKU: ST6983006
  5. Sartorius

    Fritte 50 mm, stainless steel

    SKU: ST6980102
  6. Sartorius

    Fritte 47 mm, stainless steel

    SKU: ST6980103
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