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The GC inlet liner is where the sample is introduced and vaporized into the gaseous phase. The design of the liner is crucial, choosing the right inlet liner and injection parameter can increase peak areas and reduce detection limits by up to 300 %. Also liner deactivation is relevant, to ensure reproducible and accurate chromatography.

Analytics Shop offers you an enormous selection of more than 1 300 liners by Restek, plus a great range of products by SGE, Agilent Technologies and many others. If you have any quetions GC liners and other GC supplies our independent experts team can provide you with a neutral and professional advice.

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  1. Agilent Technologies

    Liner, splitless,single-taper,glas wool,deactivated

    SKU: AG5062-3587
    In Stock
  2. Agilent Technologies

    Agilent liner, split, straight, with glass wool

    SKU: AG19251-60540
    In Stock
  3. Agilent Technologies

    Liner, split, single taper, glass wool, deactivated, low pressure drop

    SKU: AG5183-4647
    In Stock
  4. Agilent Technologies

    Liner, UI 2mm dimpled splitless

    SKU: AG5190-2297
  5. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Th, PTV Siltek Metal Liner, 1 x 2.75 x 120mm, 2/PAK

    SKU: TF45322046
  6. Agilent Technologies

    Liner, split, with cup, no glasswool

    SKU: AG18740-80190
  7. Agilent Technologies

    Liner,direct, 2mm id, non-deactivated

    SKU: AG18740-80220
  8. Agilent Technologies

    Liner, diret, 2mm id, deactivated

    SKU: AG5181-8818
  9. Agilent Technologies

    Liner, split,straight,glasswool,non-deact

    SKU: AG5183-4691
  10. Agilent Technologies

    Liner, splitless,tapr,glswool deactivated

    SKU: AG5183-4693
  11. Agilent Technologies

    Liner, split, with cup,no glasswool 25 pcs.

    SKU: AG5183-4700
  12. Agilent Technologies

    Liner, split,Low Pressdrop,Tpr,Glswl,Deac

    SKU: AG5183-4701
  13. Agilent Technologies

    Liner, UI, splitless,single taper,GW, 5 pcs.

    SKU: AG5190-3163
  14. Agilent Technologies

    Liner,for Shimadzu, 3,4mm id, split/splitless, single taper, 5 pcs.

    SKU: AG8001-0104
  15. Agilent Technologies

    Liner,UI split frit goosnck 4mm 5 pcs. V-B

    SKU: AG8004-0158
  16. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Focus liner 1x2.75x120mm, PTV, pk5

    SKU: TF45352070
  17. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    GC Injection Port Liners, 4.0 x 6.3 x 78.5 5/PAK

    SKU: TF453A1255
  18. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    GC Injection Port Liners, 4.0 x 6.3 x 78.5 5/PAK

    SKU: TF453A1295
  19. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    GC Injection Port Liners, 1.2 x 6.3 x 78.5 5/PAK

    SKU: TF453A1335
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Liner for your GC system

Liner represent an indispensable element for a proper functioning of the GC system. They allow an injected liquid sample the transition to the volatile phase and then into the GC column. The elevated temperature in the inlet vaporizes the liquid sample for transfer to the head of the GC column. The result is a significant change in the volume during the phase transition - the volume of the resulting vapor has to remain within the volume of the liner. If the expansion volume is too large, the sample can be lost, resulting in a poor reproducibility and sensitivity and this may lead to carryover the entire GC system.

Selection of a suitable GC liner

The selection of a suitable liner for your GC system is, however, often not very simple but very important. The key aspects you should consider are the following:

  • Liner ID and geometry
  • Type of injection
  • Packing materials of the liner
  • Treatment or deactivation of the liner

1. Liner ID and geometry

Different liner IDs are indicators of varying volumes. A number of factors affect or reduce the effective volume of a liner, for example:

  • taper, baffles and other liner features
  • packing materials
  • carrier gas

In general the vapor cloud formed by the sample should not exceed half of the total volume of the liner. The expansion volume of solvents limits the injection volume. Solvents with low density and high molecular weight are desirable - this increases the volume of the solvent which can decrease the injected and detection limits.

2. Type of injection

Another key aspect in the selection of a suitable liner is the type of injection. Split liner allow the split flow over the bottom of the liner and causes a removal of a portion of the sample. This allows the implementation of a split injection. A selection of split liner you can find here.

Splitless Liners are usually tapered at the bottom. This helps to convey the sample to the column and minimizes sample contact with reactive metal components in the inlet during injection.

3. Packing material of the liner

The active sites of Inlet liners can adsorb sample components and cause peak tailing. This can lead to a loss of sensitivity and reproducibility. Active sites may also cause deterioration in certain classes of compounds.

4. Deactivation / treatment of the liner

In the Analytics-Shop users can choose from a wide range of liners from numerous manufacturers. These high quality liners offer a significantly improved inertness for a wide range of compounds. With various deactivation processes they often provide enhanced transferring the sample to the GC column, resulting in increased accuracy and precision in the analysis itself. This allows lower detection limits for some agents.

In our offer you will find a wide range of high quality liners and any other accessories for the (gas) chromatography. Questions about our products? Our expert team will be happy to advise you.

Regular replacement of the liner

When the liners are not exchanged in regular intervals, this can lead to huge problems. Firstly, a used liner cannot guarantee consistent reproducibility, which could affect the entire GC system. Furthermore, the liner should be replaced from time to time in order to avoid degradation of the peak shape and sample disintegration. So-called "ghost peaks" can also be a result of liners that haven't been exchanged in too long.

Restek Sky Inlet Liners

Sky Inlet Liners increase accuracy and reproducibility with state-of-the-art deactivation. These liners achieve lower detection limits for a wide range of active compounds. The innovative deactivation used for Sky liners leads to exceptional inertness for a wide range of analyte chemistries. By reducing active sites and enhancing analyte transfer to the column, these liners increase accuracy and precision, allowing lower detection limits for many active compounds. Also fewer liner changes are needed and less downtime for maintenance.