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Here you can find further HPLC supplies. This category includes any storage systems, support systems for e.g. precolumns and cartridges, column nuts, coupling units, replacement tools, adapters and much more. We offer products from numerous quality manufacturers such as Agilent Technologies, Grace, Supelco and Upchurch Scientific.

Solvents for HPLC by Merck and J. T. Baker are listed in a separate category.

You might also find helpful our advanced search for fast and easy selection of the wished products. If you have any questions our independent professionals team is happy to assist you. 

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Other HPLC Accessories

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  1. Altmann Analytik

    Column Storage Cabinet for 30 columns

    Regular Price: €390.00

    Special Price €351.00

    SKU: AAColStore30
    In Stock
  2. Upchurch Scientific

    Back Pressure regulator (BPR) Cartridge 750 psi, 1pc/PAK

    SKU: UPP-795
    In Stock
  3. Agilent Technologies

    Capillary, loop, 100 µL

    SKU: AG01078-87302
    In Stock
  4. Agilent Technologies

    Column nut fitting

    SKU: AG05988-20066
    In Stock
  5. Agilent Technologies

    Column nut2 pcs.

    SKU: AG5181-8830
    In Stock
  6. Upchurch Scientific

    Fused Silica Carbide Cutter, 1pc/PAK

    SKU: UPFS-311
    In Stock
  7. PerkinElmer

    3 cm PECO Column Holder

    SKU: PE07150028
  8. Supelco

    PEEK TEE .020ID, 10-32 THREAD, EA, 1 pc

    SKU: SU57661
  9. Supelco


    SKU: SU58632
  10. Altmann Analytik

    Tool Tray for Column Storage Cabinet

    Regular Price: €25.00

    Special Price €22.50

    SKU: AAColToolTray
    In Stock
  11. Altmann Analytik

    Mounting Kit for adding an additional 30 columns storage

    Regular Price: €66.00

    Special Price €59.40

    SKU: AAMountingKit
    In Stock
  12. PerkinElmer

    Brownlee 10 cm Holder

    SKU: PE07150014
  13. Upchurch Scientific

    VHP Inline Filter, 0.2µm, 1pc/PAK

    SKU: UPVHP-505
  14. Upchurch Scientific

    SemiPrep Inline Filter Assembly, 2µm, 1pc/PAK

    SKU: UPA-410
  15. Upchurch Scientific

    Inline Filter Assembly, 0.5µm, 1pc/PAK

    SKU: UPA-431
  16. Supelco

    RHEBUILD KIT FOR 7725/7725I/7726, 1 pc

    SKU: SU55049
  17. Supelco

    SS UNION, 1/16IN, 0.25MM BORE, EA, 1 pc

    SKU: SU58627
  18. Waters

    ACQUITY UPLC Col. In-Line Filter Kit

    SKU: WT205000343
  19. Upchurch Scientific

    LiteTouch Parting Tool, 1pc/PAK

    SKU: UPLT-300
  20. Upchurch Scientific

    Fused Silica Cleaving Stone, 1pc/PAK

    SKU: UPFS-310
  21. Upchurch Scientific

    Fused Silica Tubing Cutter Shortix, 1pc/PAK

    SKU: UPFS-315
  22. Restek

    Tool PEEK Fitting Extractor HPLC

    SKU: RE25325
  23. Upchurch Scientific

    VHP Replacement Filter, 0.2µm, 10 pc/PAK

    SKU: UPVHP-506
  24. Merck

    Chromolith? 10-4.6 holder 1 UNIT

    SKU: MC1520330001
  25. Agilent Technologies

    Column nut for Two-Hole Ferrules, 1/16 inch

    SKU: AG05921-21170
  26. Agilent Technologies

    Loop capillary Assembly well plate sampler

    SKU: AGG1367-87300
  27. Restek

    Ethylene Oxide Standard

    SKU: RE30620
  28. Waters

    UPLC AAA Application Add-on

    SKU: WT176001279
  29. Waters

    UPLC Melamine/Cyanuric Acid Anal Consum

    SKU: WT176001791
  30. Waters

    UPLC PST Therapeutics Peptides MD Kit

    SKU: WT176001835
  31. Agilent Technologies

    InfinityLab system tool kit, for Infinity II LC instruments

    SKU: AGG7120-68708
  32. SGE

    Luer lock Valve Adaptor, 2 pc/pak

    SKU: SG200010
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