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Separation columns for gas chromatography

By means of gas chromatography (GC), gaseous or highly volatile substances which can be evaporated completely without undergoing decomposition, can be analyzed. The analytes can be separated by different boiling points and distribution in the stationary phase (liquid film or solid). In our product range, you will find not only the commonly used capillary columns, but also custom-made packed columns and all common separation columns for gas chromatography. Among the more than 10,000 different capillary columns, you will find the columns of all major manufacturers such as Agilent, SGE, Thermo Scientific and Vici. Packed columns are available upon request. If you want to compare different manufacturers and columns, you can use our GC column configurator.

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GC Capillary Columns


Cross Reference GC-Columns

Phase USP Agilent Varian (now Agilent) Alltech Macherey-Nagel SGE Restek
100% dimethyl polysiloxane G1, G2, G38 HP-1/ DB-1 CP Sil 5 AT-1 Optima-1 BP-1 Rtx-1
100% dimethyl polysiloxane (high temperature)   DB-1HT  VF-1HT  EC-1, AT-1HT        Rxi-1HT
100% dimethyl polysiloxane (low bleed)   HP-1/ HP-1ms DB-1/ DB-1ms Ultra -1  VF-1ms / CP-Sil 5 CB Low Bleed/MS  AT-1  Optima-1ms, Optima-1ms Accent   BP-1  Rxi-1ms  
5% diphenyl; 95% dimethyl polysiloxane G27, G36  HP-5/ DB-5  CP Sil 8CB   EC-5, AT-5  Optima-5   BP-5  Rtx-5
5% diphenyl; 95% dimethyl polysiloxane (high temperature)   DB-5HT  VF-5HT           Rxi-5HT
5% diphenyl; 95% dimethyl polysiloxane (low bleed) G27, G36  HP-5/ HP-5ms DB-5, Ultra-2  CP-Sil 8CB  AT-5ms  Optima-5, Optima-5ms   BP-5  Rxi-5ms
5% phenyl; 95% dimethyl arylene polysiloxane   DB-5ms, DB-5ms UI  VF-5ms / CP-Sil 8CB Low Bleed/MS     Optima-5ms Accent  BPX-5  Rxi-5Sil Ms
Arylene/ methyl modified polysiloxane   DB-XLB  VF-XMS     Optima-XLB    Rxi-XLB
20% diphenyl; 80% dimethyl polysiloxane G28, G32         EC-20, AT-20        Rtx-20
35% diphenyl; 65% dimethyl polysiloxane G42  HP-35, DB-35     AT-35     BPX-35, BPX-608  Rtx-35
35% phenyl; 65% dimethyl arylene polysiloxane   DB-35ms  VF-35ms     Optima-35ms  BP-35  Rxi-35Sil
50% phenyl; 50% methyl polysiloxane G3  HP-50     AT-50  Optima-17  AT-50  Rtx-50
50% diphenyl; 50% dimethyl polysiloxane   HP-50+, HP-17, DB-17, DB-608  CP-Sil 24 CB     Optima-17   Rxi-17
50% phenyl; 50% dimethyl arylene polysiloxane   HP-17, DB-17, DB-17ms  CP-Sil 24 CB, VF-17ms     Optima-17ms  BPX-50 Rxi-17Sil MS
65% diphenyl; 35% dimethyl polysiloxane G17                 Rtx-65
6% cyanopropyl phenyl; 94% dimethyl arylene polysiloxane G43  HP-624, DB-624  VF-624ms     Optima-624 BP-624  Rxi-624Sil MS
6% cyanopropyl phenyl; 94% dimethyl polysiloxane G43  HP-1301, HP-624, DB-1301, DB-624  CP-1301, VF-1301ms, VF-624ms  AT-624, AT-1301  Optima-1301, Optima-624  BP-624  Rtx-1301, Rtx-624
14% cyanopropyl phenyl; 86%  dimethyl polysiloxane G46  HP-1701, PAS-1701, DB-624  CP Sil 19 CB, VF-1701  AT-1701  Optima-1701  BP-10  Rtx-1701
trifluoropropyl methyl polysiloxane G6 DB-210, DB-200 VF-200ms  AT-210  Optima-210    Rtx-200
trifluoropropyl methyl polysiloxane (low bleed)     VF-200ms          Rtx-200ms
50% cyanopropyl; 50% phenylmethyl polysiloxane G7,  G19  HP-225, DB-225  CP Sil 43 CB  AT-225  Optima-225  BP-225  Rtx-225
90% biscyanopropyl; 10% cyanopropyl phenyl polysiloxane  G48        AT-Silar    BP-70  Rt-2330
biscyanopropyl polysiloxane   HP-88  CP Sil 88        Rt-2560
polyethylene glycol G14, G15, G16, G20, G39  HP-Wax, DB-Wax  CP Wax 52 CB  AT-Wax  Optima Wax  BP-20  Rtx-Wax
polyethylene glycol (increased stability) G14, G15, G16, G20, G39  Innowax  CP Wax 52 CB, VF-WAX MS           Stabilwax