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Altmann GC Columns

GC Columns by Altmann Analytik are high quality (each column is one-by-one tested to assure the maximum column-to-column reproducibility and quality) low-cost alternative to expensive branded products. Our own brand Altmann GC Columns are available in all possible dimensions (range of more than 5.000 GC Columns). We are offering both general-purpose and application-specific solutions to analysts around the world.

- complete range of analytical columns for GC, GC-MS, FAST-GC, Wide-Bore GC, Chiral-GC

- special and innovative products and accessories for Multidimensional-GC (inlcuding GCxGC), High Temperature GCand MEMS micro-fabricated "Lab-on-a-chip" GC

- excellent efficiency and inertness

Altmann offers you the widest choice of FAST-GC columns with phases that don't have any equivalent on the market, with the best price. FAST-GC is a technique that allows you to reduce the analysis time while keeping an adequate resolution power, thus increasing your throughput.

 For FAST GC analyses, without losing separation quality, columns with (very) small diameters must be used. In practice this means columns between 0.1 and 0.2 mm ID. If also other operational parameters are optimized (such as column length, film thickness, fast temperature programming, high column pressure/ gas speed), very short analysis times can be realised without losing resolution.

 Fast-GC allows accurate and consistent analyses up to 10 times faster than standard GC. FAST-GC can be applied to medium-to-high complexity mixtures analysis and provides 3-10x faster analysis compared to conventional GC. With FAST-GC you can get 1-2 min long analysis. Quicker results allow more timely decisions, less product waste, higher-value products, and a shorter time to market.

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Altmann GC Columns

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  1. Altmann Analytik

    GC Column AS-DEX DMT Beta FAST, 5 m x 0.10 mm, 0.10 µm

    Regular Price: €610.90

    Special Price €488.72

    SKU: AAGCDEXF-DMT-B-010-010-5
  2. Altmann Analytik

    GC Column AS-DEX DMT Beta FAST, 10 m x 0.10 mm, 0.10 µm

    Regular Price: €774.90

    Special Price €619.92

    SKU: AAGCDEXF-DMT-B-010-010-10
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