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HPLC Columns for Ion Exchange Chromatography

In ion exchange chromatography, the net charge and the charge distribution on the surface of a protein determine the interaction of the protein with the charged groups on the surface of the packing material. The surface charges of protein and packing material must be opposite, so that an interaction can take place. The modification of different parameters, such as the pH value of the buffer, the buffer composition, the gradient of the gradient, and the salt with which the gradient is built, enable a wide range of possibilities for optimizing a successful separation. At each pH, a protein has a positive or negative net charge due to the charge state of the amino acids. Accordingly, this protein, if positively charged, will bind either to negatively charged materials or otherwise to positively charged materials. The separation takes place essentially according to charge and size of the ions. As materials for the gel matrix, resins such as polystyrene, cellulose, and crosslinked polyacrylamide or polydextran gels are used. It is distinguished by strong and weak anion or cation exchangers. Ion exchange chromatography is normally performed at pH values which leave the protein in its active conformation.

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Ion-Exchanger (IEC)

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  1. Waters

    HPLC Column Protein-Pak Hi-Res CM 4.6 x 100mm

    SKU: WT186004929
  2. Waters

    HPLC Column IC-PAK CATION M/D 150 mm 3.9 mm 5 µm

    SKU: WTWAT036570
  3. Altmann Analytik

    HPLC Column Partisil SAX 10µm 250x4

    SKU: AANPSSX-10025040
  4. Agilent Technologies

    HPLC Column Bio SAX, NP, SS, 5 µm, 4,6 x 250 mm

    SKU: AG5190-2465
  5. Hamilton

    HPLC Column PRP-X200 10µm 4.1x150mm

    SKU: HT79441
  6. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    ProPac SCX-10 Analytical Column (4 x 250 mm)

    SKU: TF054995
  7. Waters

    HPLC Column BioSuite DEAE 2.5µm NP AXC 4.6x35mm

    SKU: WT186002179
  8. Waters

    HPLC Column BioSuite DEAE 10µm AXC 7.5x75mm

    SKU: WT186002180
  9. Waters

    HPLC Column BioSuite DEAE 13µm AXC 21.5x150mm

    SKU: WT186002181
  10. Waters

    HPLC Column Protein-Pak Hi-Res SP 4.6 x 100mm

    SKU: WT186004930
  11. Waters

    HPLC Column Protein-Pak Hi-Res Q 4.6 x 100mm

    SKU: WT186004931
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