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HPLC Columns Manufacturers

Analytics-Shop stocks more than 80,000 different HPLC columns from 25 world-leading chromatography manufactureres  and all these HPLC columns are of the best quality. To find HPLC columns of a certain manufacturer, click on the corresponding icon below. If you want to compare different brands, you can use our guide for HPLC columns.

If you have any questions on choosing the right HPLC column, our qualified experts team can provide you with an independent and professional advice.

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HPLC Columns by Manufacturer


Manufacturers of HPLC Columns and Corresponding Packing Material

Here you can find an overview of the all renown manufacturers and their most common packing materials. We gladly help you to find the specific column needed for your analysis method.

Manufacturer Packing Material
Agilent Polaris Poroshell 120 Pursuit Pursuit UPS Pursuit XRS Zorbax
Chiral Chiral Chiralpak Chiralcel Crownpak    
Grace Alltima Alltima HP Econosphere Genesis 120 Platinum Prevail
Hamilton HC HXSil PRP RCX Repack  
Macherey-Nagel Nucleodur Nucleoshell Nucleosil Nucleocel Resolvosil  
Merck Aluspher Chiradex Chromolith Lichrosorb Purospher Superspher
Shodex Asahipak HIC IC ODSPak Protein Silica
ThermoFisher Aquasil Accucore Hypersil Hypersil BDS HyPurity  
Waters Acquity UPLC BEH Atlantis XTerra XBridge XSelect