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J.T. Baker HPLC Columns

J.T. Baker, former part of Mergers Mallinckrodt Baker and now part of Avantor Performance Materials, is besides SPE cartridges and solvents for HPLC also known as a producer of high quality HPLC columns. The analytics-shop.com offers a wide range of efficient HPLC columns of J.T. Baker.

The HPLC columns are available in different configurations:

Packing: C18C18-BDCC8WP-C18.

Length: 50.0 mm150.0 mm250.0 nm

USP-Number: L1, L7


If you want to compare HPLC columns made by J.T. Baker with other manufacturers, please use our HPLC column configurator to find possible alternatives or contact us personally.

For more information about J.T. Baker HPLC columns please click here.

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J.T. Baker HPLC Columns

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  1. J.T. Baker

    HPLC Column C18 BDC 4.6x250mm

    SKU: JB7441-00
    In Stock
  2. J.T. Baker

    HPLC Column BAKERBOND CHIRAL HPLC SL.KOV. ---Abverkauf---

    Regular Price: €1,042.00

    Special Price €833.60

    SKU: JB7115-00
    In Stock
  3. J.T. Baker

    HPLC Column BAKERBOND C18 5µm, 4.6x250 mm

    SKU: JB7098-00
  4. J.T. Baker


    SKU: JB7105-01
  5. J.T. Baker

    HPLC Guard Cartridge 4x10 mm

    SKU: JB7442-05
  6. J.T. Baker

    HPLC Column BAKERBOND C18, 5µm, 4.6x150 mm

    SKU: JB7098-01
  7. J.T. Baker

    HPLC Column WP CBX-SULFON, SCOUT 4.6x50mm

    SKU: JB7159-05
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Packing of J.T. Baker HPLC Columns

Besides high quality solvents for HPLC Avantor Performance Materials also offers chromatographie products for HPLC separations. BAKERBOND sorbents of J.T. Baker are highly efficient and effective media which are synthetized with trifunctional silane chemistry. Sorbents of J.T. Baker are made out of bounded phases of small and large pored, spheric and unregular formed silica particles as well as spheric polymere media. Silica based BAKERBOND media are available as packed columns for every HPLC separation.


Ion Exchange Chromatography

Ion exchange chromatography is applied especially for separations of biomolecules, e. g. proteins and peptides. With this method samples are separated by ionic interactions between the different charge of molecules in sorbence and mobile phase. At ion exchange chromatography cation and anion exchange chromatography are distinguished. In general elution is caused by changing pH value or ion concentration of the mobile phase. 
Avantor Performance Materials produces a number of sorbents out of silica with spheric and unregular formed particles to separate small molecules as well as large ones. BAKERBOND silicas of J.T. Baker with spheric particles are characterized by a higher mechanicle solidity as silica with unregular formed particles.  

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