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Merck Millipore is one of the interantional major producers of HPLC columns. As an official distributor we can offer more than 700 different HPLC columns by Merck Millipore for every analytical or preparative problem. 

Merck Millipore HPLC columns are available in different configurations:


If you have any questions concerning Merck Millipore HPLC columns, please use our HPLC column configurator or contact us personally.

For more information about Merck Millipore HPLC columns please click here.

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Merck Millipore HPLC Columns

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  1. Merck

    Chromolith Performance RP-18 endcapped 100-4.6

    SKU: MC1021290001
    In Stock
  2. Merck Millipore

    Chromolith RP-18 endcapped 5 - 4.6 mm guard column kit

    SKU: MC1514700001
    In Stock
  3. Merck Millipore


    SKU: MC1168581003
  4. Merck Millipore

    LiChroCART 150-4,6 Purospher STAR RP-8 endcapped (5 µm)

    SKU: MC1500310001
  5. Merck Millipore

    Hibar 125-4 Purospher STAR RP-18 encapped (5 µm) HPLC column

    SKU: MC1500360001
  6. Merck Millipore

    LiChroCART 4-4 ChiraDex HPLC guard cartridge

    SKU: MC1501170001
  7. Merck Millipore

    LiChroCART 125-4 Purospher RP-18 (5 µm) HPLC cartridge

    SKU: MC1501420001
  8. Merck Millipore

    LiChroCART 250-4 Purospher RP-18 (5 µm) HPLC cartridge

    SKU: MC1501440001
  9. Merck Millipore

    LiChroCART 125-2 Superspher® RP-18 endcapped HPLC cartridge

    SKU: MC1501980001
  10. Merck Millipore

    Hibar 250-4 LiChrospher® 100 RP-8 (5 µm) HPLC column

    SKU: MC1503290001
  11. Merck Millipore

    HibarRT 250-4.6 LiChrospher®RP-18, 5µm HPLC column

    SKU: MC1505470001
  12. Merck Millipore

    LiChroCART 125-4 LiChrospher® Si 60 (5 µm) HPLC cartridge

    SKU: MC1508200001
  13. Merck Millipore

    LiChroCART 250-4 LiChrospher® 100 CN (5 µm) HPLC cartridge

    SKU: MC1508920001
  14. Merck Millipore

    LiChroCART 4-4 LiChrospher® Si 60 (5 µm) HPLC guard column

    SKU: MC1509550001
  15. Merck Millipore

    LiChroCART 125-4 LiChrosorb® RP-8 (5 µm) HPLC cartridge

    SKU: MC1513450001
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Merck Millipore Chromolith HPLC columns

Merck Millipore Chromolith HPLC columns are made from highly porous monolithic rods of silica with a bimodal pore structure. The column is no longer packed with small particles but instead consists of a single piece of high-purity silica gel. This enables a separation speed four times faster than with a standard particulate column. Additional advantages of Chromolith columns are a longer lifetime and lower matrix sensitivity with biological samples. Multiple Chromolith columns coupled together provide separation efficiencies of 100,000 plates/column at normal pressure.

Particle Size
Pore Size
Carbon Load
RP-18 endcapped monolithic 130  2 - 7.5  18 Yes
High Resolution RP-C18e monolithic 150  2 - 7.5  18  Yes 
RP-8 endcapped monolithic 130  2 - 7.5  11  Yes 
NH2 monolithic  130  2 - 7.5 
Silica monolithic  130  2 - 7.5  18 
Prep Si monolithic  130 

Merck Millipore Purospher columns

Besides highly efficient Chromolith columns, Merck Millipore columns are available in frequently used materials such as LiChrosorb, LiChrospher und Superspher. Further various special sorbents such as Aluspher and diverse chiral phases are available, e.g. Purospher and Purospher STAR. These columns are based on pure silicia without metal.

Particle Size
Pore Size
Carbon Load
RP-18 5 90 2 - 8 17 amino
RP-18 endcapped 5 120 2 - 8 18 hydrophobic
RP-18 HC 5 90 2 - 8 18 No
STAR RP-18 endcapped 2, 3, 5 120 1.5 - 10.5 17 hydrophobic
STAR RP-8 endcapped 2, 3, 5 120 1.5 - 10.5 11.2 hydrophobic
STAR NH2 5 120 2 - 7.5 3.5
STAR Si 5 120 2 - 7.5 No 


Merck Millipore Superspher HPLC Columns

Superspher is a high performance spherical silica carrier with a particle size of  4µm, providing an excellent pressure / separation performance ratio. The separation peformance of Superspher columns typically is 100,000 N/m. A broad range of modifications on Superspher are available: reversed phase derivatives (RP-8, RP-18 endcapped, RP-18, RP-18 endcapped and RP-select B) and polar derivatives (Si 60). Superspher sorbents are packed in LiChroCART cartridges in different lenghts and internal diameters. To operate with LiChroCART cartridges, the cartridge holder manu-CART has to be used.

Particle Size
Pore Size
Carbon Load
Si 4 60     No
RP-8 4 60   12.5 No
RP-8 endcapped 4 60   13 Yes
RP-18 4 100   21 No
RP-18 endcapped 4 100   21.6 Yes
RP-select B 4 60   11.5 No

Merck Millipore ZIC-HILIC and ZIC-pHILIC - for HPLC Separation of Polar Compounds

The ZIC-HILIC column is the ideal choice for separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds as it is truly orthogonal to reversed phase chromatography (RPLC) columns. Analytes such as amino acids, peptides, carbohydrates, plant extracts and various other polar compounds that usually have little or no retention and may be affected by wettability problems in RPLC, generally have strong retention on the ZIC-HILIC column.

The zwitterionic ZIC-HILIC stationary phase is attached to porous silica and is available in columns from capillary to preparative dimensions. The separation is achieved by a hydrophilic partitioning mechanism superimposed on weak electrostatic interactions. Typical eluents contain a high content of an organic solvent (e.g. acetonitrile) mixed with buffer, i.e., comparable to RPLC eluents, however, water being the strong solvent. Also, the low content of water in the eluents enables higher detection sensitivity in many LC/MS applications.

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