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Other Columns

Within this category you can find HPLC columns e.g. from Supelco and Pall Corporation. To find HPLC columns by all manufacturers (e.g. HPLC column Agilent, HPLC column Hamilton) within seconds, you may use our HPLC Column Configurator.

Click here for HPLC Accessories and HPLC Spare Parts.

If you have any questions regarding our HPLC column assortment, please contact our customer service.

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Other HPLC Columns

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  1. Upchurch Scientific

    Semi-Prep Guard Column Holder, 1pc/PAK

    SKU: UPC-1000
  2. HiChrom

    HPLC Column 100 x 3.2 mm Hichrom RPB 5um

    SKU: HI-RPB-100AS
  3. HiChrom

    HPLC Guard Column 10 x 3.2 mm Hichrom RPB 5um

    SKU: HI-RPB-10C5
  4. HiChrom

    HPLC Column 150 x 4.6 mm Hichrom RPB 5um

    SKU: HI-RPB-150A
  5. HiChrom

    HPLC Column 250 x 3.2 mm Hichrom RPB 5um

    SKU: HI-RPB-250AS
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