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Shodex HPLC Columns

Shodex is Japanese HPLC columns manufacturer and a part of the Showa Denko Group that offers high quality HPLC columns for nearly every pharmaceutical application. As an authorised dealer of Shodex, we have  the exclusive rights to sell the ASAHIPAK, AXPAK, CXPAK, ET-RP 1, OHPAK, Silica, Sugar analytical HPLC column ranges from Shodex. 

HPLC columns of Shodex are available in different configurations:


Packing Material: C18CarboxymethyleAminoCarbohydrate, etc.

Particle Size: 4.0 µm, 5.0 µm6.0 µm10.0 µm13.0 µm, etc.


Choose the right column out of more than 400 Shodex HPLC columns by using the drop-down menus. To compare various manufacturers' HPLC columns and find alternatives you might want, please use our very own HPLC Column Configurator.

For more information about Shodex HPLC columns please click here.

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Shodex HPLC Columns

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  1. Shodex

    HPLC-Column PROTEIN KW-803,8 x 300mm

    SKU: SDF6989103
  2. Shodex

    HPLC column Asahipak ODP-50 4E, 4,6x250mm 5 µm

    Regular Price: €875.56

    Special Price €700.45

    SKU: SDF7620003
    In Stock
  3. Shodex

    HPLC column Sugar SC1011 300 x 8mm 6 µm

    Regular Price: €1,437.76

    Special Price €1,150.21

    SKU: SDF6378102
    In Stock
  4. Shodex

    HPLC-Column Asahipak NH2P-50G 4A 10 x 4,6

    SKU: SDF6710016
    In Stock
  5. Shodex

    HPLC-Column Asahipak NH2P-50 4E,4,6 x 250mm

    SKU: SDF7630001
    In Stock
  6. Shodex

    HPLC Column Sugar KS-801, 300 x 8mm, 6 µm

    Regular Price: €1,514.12

    Special Price €1,211.30

    SKU: SDF6378010
  7. Shodex

    HPLC column SUGAR SH1821 300x8 6 µm

    Regular Price: €1,437.76

    Special Price €1,150.21

    SKU: SDF6378101
  8. Shodex

    HPLC column Sugar SP0810 300 x 8mm 7 µm

    Regular Price: €1,437.76

    Special Price €1,150.21

    SKU: SDF6378105
  9. Shodex

    HPLC column Asahipak ODP-50 4D, 4,6x150mm 5 µm

    Regular Price: €829.47

    Special Price €663.58

    SKU: SDF7620004
  10. Shodex

    HPLC-Column IC IA-G 10 x 4,6

    SKU: SDF6700400
  11. Shodex

    HPLC-Column IC YK-G 10 x 4,6

    SKU: SDF6709608
  12. Shodex

    IC NI-G 10x4,6

    SKU: SDF6709616
  13. Shodex

    HPLC column Asahipak ODP-50G 4A 10x4,6 5 µm

    SKU: SDF6710022
  14. Shodex

    HPLC-Column PROTEIN KW-802.5,8 x 300mm

    SKU: SDF6989000
  15. Shodex

    Shodex-Column IC NI-424,4,6x100mm

    SKU: SDF6995243
  16. Shodex

    Shodex-Column Rspak JJ-50 2D,2x150mm

    SKU: SDF7008220
  17. Shodex

    Shodex-Column Rspak DE-413L,4,6x250mm

    SKU: SDF7009030
  18. Shodex

    Shodex-Column Orpak CDBS-453,4,6x150mm

    SKU: SDF7146003
  19. Shodex

    HPLC Guard Column Sugar SC-LG 50 x 6mm 10 µm

    SKU: SDF6700090
  20. Shodex

    Shodex-Column HILICpak VG-50 4D, 4,6x75mm

    SKU: SDF7630200
  21. Shodex

    HPLC column Sugar SH1011 300 x 8mm 6 µm

    Regular Price: €1,437.76

    Special Price €1,150.21

    SKU: SDF6378100
  22. Shodex

    HPLC Guard Column Sugar SH-G 50 x 6mm 10 µm

    Regular Price: €513.48

    Special Price €410.78

    SKU: SDF6700080
  23. Shodex

    Shodex-Column Asahipak C8P-50 4E,4,6x250mm

    Regular Price: €875.56

    Special Price €700.45

    SKU: SDF7620005
  24. Shodex

    Shodex-Column Asahipak C8P-50 4D,4,6x150mm

    Regular Price: €829.47

    Special Price €663.58

    SKU: SDF7620006
  25. Shodex

    GPC HFIP-603 150x6

    SKU: SDF6021030
  26. Shodex

    GPC HFIP-604 150x6

    SKU: SDF6021040
  27. Shodex

    GPC LF-804 300x8

    SKU: SDF6021041
  28. Shodex

    GPC LF-604 150x6

    SKU: SDF6021042
  29. Shodex

    GPC LF-404 250x4,6

    SKU: SDF6021043
  30. Shodex

    GPC HFIP-605 150x6

    SKU: SDF6021050
  31. Shodex

    GPC HFIP-606M 150x6

    SKU: SDF6021080
  32. Shodex

    GPC KF-804L 300x8

    SKU: SDF6027040
  33. Shodex

    GPC KF-806L 300x8

    SKU: SDF6027060
  34. Shodex

    GPC KF-803 300x8

    SKU: SDF6028030
  35. Shodex

    GPC KF-805 300x8

    SKU: SDF6028050
  36. Shodex

    GPC KF-806 300x8

    SKU: SDF6028060
  37. Shodex

    GPC KF-807 300x8

    SKU: SDF6028070
  38. Shodex

    GPC KF-806M 300x8

    SKU: SDF6028090
  39. Shodex

    GPC KF-601 150x6

    SKU: SDF6028091
  40. Shodex

    GPC KF-602 150x6

    SKU: SDF6028092
  41. Shodex

    GPC KF-602.5 150x6

    SKU: SDF6028093
  42. Shodex

    GPC KF-603 150x6

    SKU: SDF6028094
  43. Shodex

    GPC KF-604 150x6

    SKU: SDF6028095
  44. Shodex

    GPC KF-605 150x6

    SKU: SDF6028096
  45. Shodex

    GPC KF-606 150x6

    SKU: SDF6028097
  46. Shodex

    GPC KF-606M 150x6

    SKU: SDF6028098
  47. Shodex

    GPC KF-401 HQ 250x4,6

    SKU: SDF6028111
  48. Shodex

    GPC KF-402 HQ 250x4,6

    SKU: SDF6028112
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Shodex HPLC Columns

The following shows the differnet separation types and the corresponding HPLC columns of Shodex as well as the specific product name of each line and the basic material used for packing. For any questions concerning Shodex HPLC columns please contact our competent personnel to help you finding the best product for your separation.

Separation Type
Product Name Basic Material
Reversed Phase &
Asahipak                    ODP-50, ODP-40             Polyvinyl alcohol         
Asahipak  C8P-50 Polyvinyl alcohol 
Asahipak  C4P-50  Polyvinyl alcohol 
RSpak  DS  Styrene-divinylbenzene-copolymer
RSpak  DE  Polymethycrylat 
RSpak  DM-614  Polyhydroxymethacrylate 
RSpak  NN  Polyhydroxymethacrylate 
RSpak  JJ-50  Polyvinyl alcohol 
Asahipak  NH2P  Polyvinyl alcohol 
Reversed Phase &
Normal Phase
ODSpak  Silica 
Silica  C18M, C18P  Silica 
Silica  5Sil  Silica 
Silica  5C8  Silica 
Silica  5C4  Silica 
Silica  5CN Silica 
Silica  5NPE  Silica 
Silica  5PYE  Silica 
Silica  5NH  Silica 
Ligand Exchange      SUGAR  SC  Styrene-divinylbenzene-copolymer 
SUGAR  SP0810  Styrene-divinylbenzene-copolymer 
SUGAR KS-800  Styrene-divinylbenzene-copolymer 
RSpak  DC-613  Styrene-divinylbenzene-copolymer 
SUGAR  SZ5532  Styrene-divinylbenzene-copolymer 
USPpak  MN-431  Styrene-divinylbenzene-copolymer 
Ion Exclusion   SUGAR  SH  Styrene-divinylbenzene-copolymer 
RSpak  KC-811  Styrene-divinylbenzene-copolymer 

Ion Chromatography    

IC  NI-424, I-524A  Polyhydroxymethylacrylate
IC  SI  Polyvinyl alcohol 
IC  YS-50  Polyvinyl alcohol 
IC  YK-421  Silica 
IC  Y-521, T-521  Styrene-divinylbenzene-copolymer
Aqueous SEC (GFC)  PROTEIN  KW-800  Silica 
OHpak SB-800 HQ Polyhydroxymethylacrylate
Multimode  Asahipak GS-HQ Polyvinyl alcohol
Asahipak GS-620 7G-P Polyvinyl alcohol
Aqueous/Organic SEC  Asahipak GF-HQ Polyvinyl alcohol
MSpak GF-310 Polyvinyl alcohol
Organic SEC (GPC) GPC KF-800, K-800, KD-800,
KF-600, KF-400HQ,
HFIP-800, HFIP-600, LF,
HT-800, UT-800, AT-806MS 
Ion Exchange            IEC QA-825 Polyhydroxymethylacrylate
IEC DEAE-825 Polyhydroxymethylacrylate 
IEC DEAE3N Polyhydroxymethylacrylate 
AXpak WA-624 Polyhydroxymethylacrylate 
IEC SP-825 Polyhydroxymethylacrylate 
IEC SP-420N Polyhydroxymethylacrylate 
IEC CM-825 Polyhydroxymethylacrylate 
CXpak P-421S Styrene-divinylbenzene-copolymer
HIC  PH-814  Polyhydroxymethylacrylate 
Affinity  AFpak  Various  Polyhydroxymethylacrylate 
Chirale Separation  ORpak  CDBS-453  Silica 
ORpak  CRX-853  Polyhydroxymethylacrylate
GPC Clean-up   CLNpak  EV  Styrene-divinylbenzene-copolymer 
CLNpak PAE Polyvinyl alcohol

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