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Whatman HPLC Columns

Whatman is not only a noted producer of considerable filter media, but also manufactures high quality HPLC columns. At  Analytics-Shop you can find products of Whatman for HPLC, e. g. Partisil Silica 10 and Silica 5 made out of high purity silica gel for normal chromatography. In addition to HPLC-columns you will of course find products by Whatman like Spartan syringe filtermembrane filter and filter papers.

HPLC columns by Whatman are available in different configurations:

Phase: PartisilPartiSphere

Packing Material: C18C8ODS2SCXSilica, etc.

Particle Size: 5.0 µm8.0 µm10.0 µm, etc.


You can also use Analytics-Shop's unique HPLC Column Configurator to get the right column for your application.

For more Information about Whatman HPLC column materials, please click here.

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Whatman HPLC Columns

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  1. Whatman

    Partisil 10 SCX 4.6x250mm 1/PAK

    SKU: WH4227-001
    In Stock
  2. Whatman

    PARTISIL 10µm SCX 250x2.1mm

    SKU: WHP10SCX-250AM
    In Stock
  3. Whatman

    PartiSphere C-8 4.6x125mm cartridge column

    SKU: WH4621-0503
  4. Whatman

    Partisil 10 ODS-3 4.6x250mm cartridge column

    SKU: WH4682-1502
  5. Whatman

    PartiSphere SAX 4.6x125mm cartridge column

    SKU: WH4621-0505
  6. Whatman

    Partisil 10 SAX 4.6x250mm cartridge column

    SKU: WH4682-1505
  7. Whatman

    PARTISIL 10µm SCX 250x4.6mm

    SKU: WHP10SCX-250A
  8. Whatman

    PARTISIL 10µm C8 250x4.6mm

    SKU: WHP10C8-250A
  9. Whatman

    Partisil 5 ODS-3 4.6x250mm 1/PAK

    SKU: WH4238-001
  10. Whatman

    PARTISIL 5µm SCX 250x4.6mm

    SKU: WHP5SCX-250A
  11. Whatman

    PARTISIL 10µm SCX 250x4.0mm

    SKU: WHP10SCX-250AF
  12. Whatman

    PARTISIL 10µm SILICA 250x4.0mm

    SKU: WHP10-250AF
  13. Whatman

    Partisil 5 C-8 4.6x250mm 1/PAK

    SKU: WH4239-001
  14. Whatman

    PartiSphere Silica 4.6x250mm cartridge column

    SKU: WH4621-1501
  15. Whatman

    Partisil 5 Silica 4.6x250mm cartridge column

    SKU: WH4681-1501
  16. Whatman

    PartiSphere SCX 4.6x125mm cartridge column

    SKU: WH4621-0507
  17. Whatman

    Partisil 10 SCX 4.6x250mm cartridge column

    SKU: WH4682-1507
  18. Whatman

    Partisil 5 SCX 4.6x250mm cartridge column

    SKU: WH4681-1507
  19. Whatman

    Partisil 5 SAX Column 4.6x100mm 1/PAK

    SKU: WH4222-227
  20. Whatman

    Partisil 5 ODS-3 4.6x250mm cartridge column

    SKU: WH4681-1502
  21. Whatman

    PartiSphere PAC 4.6x125mm cartridge column

    SKU: WH4621-0508
  22. Whatman

    PARTISIL 5µm SAX 100x4.6mm

    SKU: WHP5SAX-100A
  23. Whatman

    PARTISIL 5µm SCX 100x4.6mm

    SKU: WHP5SCX-100A
  24. Whatman

    PartiSphere C-18 4.6x125mm cartridge column

    SKU: WH4621-0502
  25. Whatman

    Partisil 5 ODS-2 4.6x250mm cartridge column

    SKU: WH4681-1509
  26. Whatman

    Partisil 5 SCX Column 4.6x100mm 1/PAK

    SKU: WH4222-228
  27. Whatman

    Partisil 5 SAX 4.6x250mm cartridge column

    SKU: WH4681-1505
  28. Whatman

    PARTISIL 10µm SAX 100x4.0mm

    SKU: WHP10SAX-100AF
  29. Whatman

    PARTISIL 10µm SCX 100x4.0mm

    SKU: WHP10SCX-100AF
  30. Whatman

    PARTISIL 5µm SILICA 100x4.0mm

    SKU: WHP5-100AF
  31. Whatman

    Partisil 5 ODS-3 Column 4.6x100mm 1/PAK

    SKU: WH4222-225
  32. Whatman

    PARTISIL 5µm C8 100x3.2mm

    SKU: WHP5C8-100AS
  33. Whatman

    Partisil 10 ODS-2 9.4x500mm 1/PAK

    SKU: WH4230-224
  34. Whatman

    PARTISIL 5µm ODS3 100x3.2mm

    SKU: WHP5ODS3-100AS
  35. Whatman

    PARTISIL 5µm PAC 100x3.2mm

    SKU: WHP5PAC-100AS
  36. Whatman

    PARTISIL 10µm SILICA 100x4.0mm

    SKU: WHP10-100AF
  37. Whatman

    PARTISIL 5µm SAX 100x3.2mm

    SKU: WHP5SAX-100AS
  38. Whatman

    PARTISIL 10µm C8 100x4.0mm

    SKU: WHP10C8-100AF
  39. Whatman

    PARTISIL 5µm SCX 100x3.2mm

    SKU: WHP5SCX-100AS
  40. Whatman

    PARTISIL 10µm ODS 100x4.0mm

    SKU: WHP10ODS-100AF
  41. Whatman

    PARTISIL 10µm PAC 100x4.0mm

    SKU: WHP10PAC-100AF
  42. Whatman

    PARTISIL 10µm ODS2 100x4.6mm

    SKU: WHP10ODS2-100A
  43. Whatman

    PARTISIL 10µm ODS 300x4mm

    SKU: WHP10ODS-300AF
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Whatman HPLC Coumns

Whatman offers a wide range of different HPLC column materials for every application. Thereby have to be differentiated between Normal Phase Media, Ion Exchange Media and Reverse Phase Media. The respective products for each application choosen from Partisil and PartiSphere product lines as well as the corresponding properties con be found in the following.

Normal Phase Media

Partisil Silica (5 and 10 µm)

This material is made out of high purity nad is used as stationary phase for adsorption chromatography. Partisil 10 is mainly employed for routine separations with high flow through rates and low pressure. On the contrary Partisil 5 is applicable in high resolution and high speed analyses. Partisil Silica is the basic material for every Partisil HPLC columns endueded with functional groups.

PartiSphere Spherical Silica (5 µm)

PartiSphere is charaterized by homogenous particles and narrow particle size distribution. The results of this are sharp separation peaks and excellent reproducability. This material is the basic for every PartiSphere packing material.


Ion Exchange Media

Partisil SAX (5 und 10 µm)

This packing material is a strong anion exchanger based on quaternary ammonium groups. Delivered as H2PO4 in methanol Partisil 10 SAX is often quoted in academic papers and international known for high separation performance of nucleotides. Combined with a solvecon as mobile phase Partisil SAX is stable in a pH range of 1.5 to 7.5. Furthermore this HPLC columns can be used for separating nucleic acids, organic acids and anorganic anions.

Partisil SCX (5 und 10 µm)

This HPLC column packing material is based on aromatic benzene sulfonic acid groups. Partisil SCX is especially suitable for separating nucleotides, amino acids, poly amines, drugs and other cationic groups. If the column is loaded with complex binders it can also be used for ligand exchange chromatography. Partisil SCX is stable at a pH range of 1.5 to 7.5.

PartiSphere SAX und SCX (5 µm)

PartiSphere SAX is a strong ion exchanger based on homgenous spherical silica particles with a tight particle size distribution. Furthermore this HPLC column material delivers very sharp peaks.


Reverse Phase Media

Partisil ODS (10 µm)

Partisil ODS is a C18 phase HPLC column with a carbon load of 5 % suitable for normal adsorption as well as for reversed phase chromatography.

Partisil ODS-2 (10 µm)

The high carbon load of 16 % of this polymeric phase constitutes it to one of the most nonpolar reversed phase HPLC columns with the highest retention capicity. caused by this property Partisil ODS-2 is an alternative for end capped C18 columns. The high loading capicity as well as the 10 µm large particles are suited for preparative work.

Partisil ODS-3 (5 und 10 µm)

Partisil ODS-3 is a C18 HPLC column made out of a polymere with a carbon load of 10.5 %. Partisil ODS-3 is the means of choice, if velocity, efficience and resolution are needed for C18 based applications. Furthermore this packing material of Whatman is end capped to reduce interferences caused by not deactivated silanole groups and to avoid the need of clocking ions. Partisil ODS-3 is used in many applications, in which optimal selectivity is important. Thereby pharmaceutical as well as natural products, together with food, biological substances and contamination determination in environment and industry are considerable application areas.

PartiSphere C-18 (5 µm)

PartiSphere C18 is a silica based HPLC column with homogenous spherical particles for high separation performance.

PartiSphere RTF-C18 (5 µm)

PartiSphere RTF (reduced tailing factor) is a base-deactivated C18 HPLC column. By producing this HPLC columns a company own process for an effective deactivation of free silanole groups is applicable. Additionally this packing material is extremly reliable and can be used at a pH range of 2 to 8 without any losses of performance. PartiSphere RTF-C18 is suitable for separating basic components, which have to be handled without using amino-modified mobile phases.

Partisil C8 (5 und 10 µm)

This is a momomeric, end capped C8 phase with a carbon load of 8.5 %. Partisil C8 is especially charaterized by high efficience, fast mass trensfer, as well as excellent peak sharpness and high stability toward various water based media and mixtures. This product is recommended for ion pairing chromatography.

PartiSphere C-8 (5 µm)

PartiSphere C-8 is a octyl binding phase made out of homogenous, spericalparticles with maximum resolution.

UniPrep C-8 (5 µm)

UniPrep C8 is a hydrophibic HPLC column with octyle chains as functional groups on the surface of the silica particles. This HPLC column was specially designed for the use of water based media.

Partisil PAC (5 und 10 µm) 

This is a polar amino and cyano binding phase with secundary amino groups for excellent thermal and chemical stability. The extraordinary selectivity and the fast adjustment of the equilibrium allow to applicable a wide range of chromatography types, e, g, adsorption, reversed phase and weak anion exchange. Partisil PAC is the besst HPLC column for separating hydrocarbons.

PartiSphere PAC (5 µm)

PartiSphere PAC is a polar cyano and amino binding phase with homogenous, spherical particles for maximum resolution.