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We offer a wide selection of chromatography lamps and corresponding accessories for your laboratory. From photoionization and mercury lamps by Heraeus Nobelight, to PerkinElmer sodium lamps and Merck Millipore halogen lamps. Heraeus Nobelight Fiberlight® modules are compact UV-VIS light sources designed for mobile spectroscopy applications and all types of handheld devices that require a low power consumption UV-Vis light source.

For deuterium lamps Heraeus has also developed special power supplies, which ensure particularly low noise levels and long lamp life through carefully controlled ignition. Turbiquant® turbidimeter from Merck Millipore are user-friendly and offer a high sample throughput.

If you are using instrumentation that isn’t listed on our website or if you need a lamp that isn’t shown there, please contact us with as much information as possible. We will do our best to help you.

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Other Lamps & accessories

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  1. Merck

    UV lamp 366 nm for microbiology, 1 Unit

    SKU: MC1132030001
  2. Merck

    Halogen lamp module Pharo 100, Spectroquant®

    SKU: MC1006600001
  3. Heraeus Nobelight

    RF Photoionisation (PID) Lamp Supply, for Ø 12,7 mm

    SKU: HN80014421
  4. Supelco

    PID LAMP MODEL 108-10.0, EA, 1 pc

    SKU: SU22626
  5. Supelco


    SKU: SU22631
  6. Supelco

    PID LAMP MODEL 108-BTEX, 1 pc

    SKU: SU23129-U
  7. Merck

    Halogen lamp NOVA 30, NOVA 60 Spectroquant®

    SKU: MC1097490001
  8. Merck

    Halogen lamp NOVA 400 Spectroquant®

    SKU: MC1097780001
  9. Merck

    Halogen lamp SQ 118 Spectroquant®

    SKU: MC1147230001
  10. Merck

    Lamp 1500 T, 3000 T Turbiquant®

    SKU: MC1183380001
  11. Merck


    SKU: MC1183440001
  12. Merck


    SKU: MC1183820001
  13. PerkinElmer

    Sodium Spectral Lamp

    SKU: PEL9004741
  14. Restek

    PID Lamp Model 108-10.0/10.6

    SKU: RE20675
  15. Restek

    PID Lamp Model 103C

    SKU: RE20676
  16. Restek

    PID Lamp Model 108-BTEX

    SKU: RE23020
  17. Waters

    L2D2-Lamp, Waters, 1/PK

    SKU: WT201000186
  18. Heraeus Nobelight

    FiberLight replacement lamp DTL 6/50, Deuterium, for DTM 6/50

    SKU: HN45006266
  19. Heraeus Nobelight

    FiberLight Module DTM 6/50, Deuterium

    SKU: HN45006281
  20. Heraeus Nobelight

    FiberLight Module DTM 6/10S, Deuterium

    SKU: HN80000755
  21. Heraeus Nobelight

    FiberLight Module DTM 6/50S, Deuterium

    SKU: HN80001017
  22. Heraeus Nobelight

    FiberLight Module DTM 6/11, Deuterium

    SKU: HN80003030
  23. Heraeus Nobelight

    FiberLight Module DTM 6/10, Deuterium

    SKU: HN80007444
  24. Heraeus Nobelight

    FiberLight Module DTM 6/15, Deuterium

    SKU: HN80010770
  25. Heraeus Nobelight

    FiberLight replacement lamp DTL 6/15, Deuterium, for DTM 6/15

    SKU: HN80010771
  26. Heraeus Nobelight

    FiberLight Module DTM 6/17, Deuterium

    SKU: HN80012065
  27. Heraeus Nobelight

    DC Photoionisation (PID) Lamp Supply

    SKU: HN80017407
  28. Heraeus Nobelight

    Low Pressure Mercury Lamp 2,7 W

    SKU: HN80017485
  29. Heraeus Nobelight

    High Power FiberLight Module DTM 10/50S, Deuterium

    SKU: HN80043681
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