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HPLC and GC spare parts for all Agilent instruments

In this category you can find Agilent supplies and accessories as well as high-quality alternative spare parts for all Agilent HPLC as well as GC instruments. If you are looking for an alternative to original Agilent accessories, we offer - besides the Agilent products - our high-quality brand Altmann which is available for all standard Agilent HPLC and GC instruments.

All products by Agilent Technologies have been manufactured to Agilent's demanding specifications, and tested under a variety of conditions. This painstaking care  ensures that every part will perform at optimal levels. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products for your general chromatography needs, including vials, syringes, gas management supplies, flowmeters, leak detectors, fittings, tools, standards and more.

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Agilent Spare Parts

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  1. Agilent Technologies

    Seal, wash for 1100/1200/1200 RRLC, 1120 and 1260/1220 Infinity LC

    SKU: AG0905-1175
    In Stock
  2. Altmann Analytik

    Plunger seal for 1100/1200 and 1050 2/PK

    Regular Price: €142.00

    Special Price €135.00

    SKU: 5063-6589ASP
    In Stock
  3. Altmann Analytik

    Seal, wash for Agilent 1100/1200/1200 RRLC, 1120 and 1260/1220 Infinity LC

    Regular Price: €73.00

    Special Price €69.00

    SKU: 0905-1175ASP
    In Stock
  4. Agilent Technologies

    Plunger Seal for 1100/1200 and 1050, 2 pc/PAK

    SKU: AG5063-6589
    In Stock
  5. Altmann Analytik

    Active inlet cartridge (400 bar)

    Regular Price: €276.00

    Special Price €263.00

    SKU: 5062-8562ASP
    In Stock
  6. Altmann Analytik

    Sapphire Piston for 1100 and 1050

    Regular Price: €191.00

    Special Price €182.00

    SKU: 5063-6586ASP
    In Stock
  7. Altmann Analytik

    Needle, G1313A Autosampler

    Regular Price: €92.00

    Special Price €88.00

    SKU: G1313-87201ASP
    In Stock
  8. Altmann Analytik

    Needle Seat Assembly for 1100, 1200

    Regular Price: €219.00

    Special Price €208.00

    SKU: G1329-87017ASP
    In Stock
  9. Altmann Analytik

    Sample Loop Loop, 100µL

    Regular Price: €184.00

    Special Price €120.43

    SKU: 01078-87302ASP
    In Stock
  10. Altmann Analytik

    PTFE Frits, for Infinity Binary Pumps, 5/PAK

    Regular Price: €43.00

    Special Price €26.31

    SKU: 01018-22707ASP
    In Stock
  11. Altmann Analytik

    Check Valve Assembly, Outlet, Binary Pump

    SKU: G1312-60012ASP
    In Stock
  12. Agilent Technologies

    1/8'' Union Tee Brass Swagelok

    SKU: AG0100-0090
    In Stock
  13. Agilent Technologies

    Liner, Megabore Column

    SKU: AG0100-1513
    In Stock
  14. Agilent Technologies

    Rotor Seal (Vespel, 400 bar, 3 grooves)

    SKU: AG0100-1855
    In Stock
  15. Agilent Technologies

    Sample Loop, 10ul

    SKU: AG0100-1923
    In Stock
  16. Agilent Technologies

    Rotor seal, PEEK, 2-groove for 0101-0921

    SKU: AG0100-2231
    In Stock
  17. Agilent Technologies

    Union, PEEK for 1/8 od tubing

    SKU: AG0100-2410
    In Stock
  18. Agilent Technologies

    Rotor Seal, 2 grooves, max 600 bar

    SKU: AG0101-1416
    In Stock
  19. Agilent Technologies

    Sample, loop, 100 µL

    SKU: AG01078-87302
    In Stock
  20. Agilent Technologies

    Electron multiplier horn, straight

    SKU: AG05971-80103
    In Stock
  21. Agilent Technologies

    Filament Assembly, for Agilent 5970 GC (EI/CI), 2 pc/PAK

    SKU: AG05990-60084
    In Stock
  22. Agilent Technologies

    Deactivated Fused Silica, 1 m, 0.32 mm, 0.43 mm od

    SKU: AG160-2325-1
    In Stock
  23. Agilent Technologies

    Undeactivated Fused Silica, 10 m, 0.53 mm, 0.67 mm od

    SKU: AG160-2530-10
    In Stock
  24. Agilent Technologies

    Liner, split, with cup, no glasswool

    SKU: AG18740-80190
    In Stock
  25. Agilent Technologies

    Agilent liner, direct, 1,5 mm id, for gas samples, headspace, purge & trap

    SKU: AG18740-80200
    In Stock
  26. Agilent Technologies

    Ignitor Glow Plug Assembly

    SKU: AG19231-60680
    In Stock
  27. Agilent Technologies

    Agilent liner, split, straight, with glass wool

    SKU: AG19251-60540
    In Stock
  28. Agilent Technologies

    Union, zero-dead-volume

    SKU: AG325-045-HSP
    In Stock
  29. Agilent Technologies

    Chamber, CAL-GAS, Glass

    SKU: AG392027000
    In Stock
  30. Agilent Technologies

    Injector Liner, splitless, Glass Wool, 2 mm, 5 pc/PAK

    SKU: AG392599903
    In Stock
  31. Agilent Technologies

    QUAD-RIng, XFERLINE, 1.112 ID

    SKU: AG393010918
    In Stock
  32. Agilent Technologies

    Gate Trap Assembly

    SKU: AG393055101
    In Stock
  33. Agilent Technologies

    Trap Gate Conductor

    SKU: AG393055201
    In Stock
  34. Agilent Technologies

    Spring, gold plated, Trap (ION Traps)

    SKU: AG393060501
    In Stock
  35. Agilent Technologies

    Ferrules, Graph, 4/5/6890, 0.4mm ID, 10 pc/PAK

    SKU: AG500-2114
    In Stock
  36. Agilent Technologies

    Ferrules, Graph, 4/5/6890, 0.8mm ID, 10 pc/PAK

    SKU: AG500-2118
    In Stock
  37. Agilent Technologies

    Peristaltic pump, silicone tubing

    SKU: AG5042-8507
    In Stock
  38. Agilent Technologies

    Front ferrule, for InfinityLab Quick Connect and Quick Turn fitting

    SKU: AG5043-0924
    In Stock
  39. Agilent Technologies

    InfinityLab vent valve, PTFE, with time strip for InfinityLab Stay Safe cap

    SKU: AG5043-1190
    In Stock
  40. Agilent Technologies

    Fitting, SS, front and back Ferrules, 1/16'', 10 pc/PAK

    SKU: AG5062-2418
    In Stock
  41. Agilent Technologies

    Ferrules, 0,4mm ID, 0, 25 mm column, 15% graphite/85% Vespel, 10 pc/PAK

    SKU: AG5062-3508
    In Stock
  42. Agilent Technologies

    Ferrule, Vespel, 0.5 mm ID, for 0.32 mm Column, 10 pc/PAK

    SKU: AG5062-3513
    In Stock
  43. Agilent Technologies

    Continuous paper, numbered, 21.6 cm x 27.9 cm (8.5 x 11 in.) 5 pc/PAK

    SKU: AG5062-3561
    In Stock
  44. Agilent Technologies

    Liner, splitless, single-taper,glas wool, deactivated

    SKU: AG5062-3587
    In Stock
  45. Agilent Technologies

    Inline Filter, SS, 0,2 µm, 2, 1 mm, for RRLC, con. Capill.

    SKU: AG5067-1551
    In Stock
  46. Agilent Technologies

    Inline Filter, 0,5 µm, PEEK, kit

    SKU: AG5067-1582
    In Stock
  47. Agilent Technologies

    60ul-Schleife 2D-LC

    SKU: AG5067-5437
    In Stock
  48. Agilent Technologies

    InfinityLab Quick Turn LC fitting

    SKU: AG5067-5966
    In Stock
  49. Agilent Technologies

    2 Position/6Port 1200 bar Rotor Seal

    SKU: AG5068-0007
    In Stock
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