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PerkinElmer HPLC and GC Spare Parts

Here you will find a selection of PerkinElmer spare parts for HPLC and GC systems from Altmann Analytik. We offer you high-quality injection needles, capillaries pump seals and pistons in a variety of designs.

If you have any questions regarding the products of this category, please do not hesitate to contact us - our expert staff will gladly advise you.

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PerkinElmer Spare Parts

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  1. PerkinElmer

    Ferrules, Graphite, 1/16in x 0.8 mm i.d., 10/PAK

    SKU: PE09920141
    In Stock
  2. PerkinElmer

    Marathon Filament for PerkinElmer GC/MS/MS Systems

    SKU: PEN6470012
    In Stock
  3. PerkinElmer

    Viton O-Ring for Glass Liners

    SKU: PEN9302783
    In Stock
  4. PerkinElmer

    MPP PVC Tubing, 1.02 mm, white white, 12/PAK

    SKU: PEN8145156
    In Stock
  5. Altmann Analytik

    250μL Syringe

    SKU: 09923270ASP
    In Stock
  6. PerkinElmer

    Restrictor H2 Hyd FID/Phos

    SKU: PEN6001512
    In Stock
  7. Altmann Analytik

    O-Ring, PTFE

    SKU: 09902128ASP
  8. Altmann Analytik

    Piston Seal Backup Ring

    SKU: 02542076ASP
  9. Altmann Analytik

    Kit S200 Standard Pump Seals

    SKU: N2910383ASP
  10. Altmann Analytik

    Injector Needle

    SKU: N2930023ASP
  11. PerkinElmer

    Zero Dilution Glass Inner Liner for both CAP and PSS Injectors

    Regular Price: €78.00

    Special Price €70.20

    SKU: PEN1011446
  12. PerkinElmer

    Injector Septa, PTFE-Silicone, 11mm diameter, 50/PAK

    SKU: PE00090652
  13. PerkinElmer

    Type C PFA ST3 Nebulizer for NexION 2000

    SKU: PEN8152378
  14. Altmann Analytik

    High Pressure Seal Kit

    SKU: 02540275ASP
  15. Altmann Analytik

    Pump Seals, High Pressure

    SKU: 09907324ASP
  16. Altmann Analytik

    Pump Seals, Low Pressure

    SKU: 09907339ASP
  17. Altmann Analytik

    Outlet Check Valve

    SKU: 02540197ASP
  18. Altmann Analytik

    Inlet Check Valve

    SKU: 02540177ASP
  19. PerkinElmer

    Silanized Glass Wool, 5 g

    SKU: PE03300905
  20. PerkinElmer

    Needle Seal Assembly

    SKU: PEB0500833
  21. PerkinElmer

    Stainless Steel Nut, Size: 1/8in, 5/PAK

    SKU: PEN9300057
  22. PerkinElmer

    Brownlee MPLC Cartridge Holder, 100 mm

    SKU: PE07150014
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