HPLC Packing Materials

Here you can find a comprehensive range of HPLC packing materials. HPLC columns are usually packed with pellicular or porous particles. Pellicular particles are made from polymer or glass beads. These beads have a diameter between 30 and 40 µm. They are surrounded by a thin uniform layer of silica, alumina, or other types of ion-exchange resins. Porous particles are more commonly used and have diameters between 3 to 10 µm. These particles are made of silica (most common), polystyrene-divinyl-benzene synthetic resin, alumina, or other type of ion-exchange resin.

You can find numerous HPLC packing materials in our shop. Select the desired column name and package specification from the drop-down menu on the left. We offer products from all major manufacturers, such as Agilent Technologies, Hamilton, Restek and numerous others. If you have any questions considering HPLC packing materials and other chromatography supplies do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any quetions to HPLC packing materials and other chromatography supplies our independent experts team can provide you with a neutral and professional advice.

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