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By determining the solubility index of a sample, it is possible to determine to what extent a pure substance can be dissolved in a solvent. For determination of the solubility index of various substances (milk / whey powder, butter serum, cream, etc.) a user requires, among other things, a solubility index mixer as well as centrifuge glasses and racks. Our laboratory glass articles are designed according to ADPI (American Dairy Products Institute) or Friese.

We offer you high-quality solubility index mixers from the manufacturer Funke Gerber with suitable accessories. Let our trained staff advise you about all products in this category.

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Determination of solubility index

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  1. Funke Gerber

    Reference Table Adpi

    SKU: FG7650
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  2. Gerber Instruments


    SKU: GILIM3610
  3. Funke Gerber

    Replacement Glass Mixing Bowl

    SKU: FG7620
  4. Funke Gerber

    Replacement Stirrer

    SKU: FG7621
  5. Funke Gerber

    Replacement Drive Belt

    SKU: FG7622
  6. Funke Gerber

    Sterilization Box, Stainless

    SKU: FG8190
  7. Funke Gerber

    Sterilization Box

    SKU: FG8191
  8. Funke Gerber

    Sterilizing Box

    SKU: FG8320
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