Rapid Tests/ Test papers

Rapid Tests/ Test Papers

Here we offer you a selection of different quick tests for the analysis of dairy products as well as lipase-esterase and phosphatase tests for milk testing. Also for many other substances such as iron, chromate or ammonium test kits are available. The quick tests for the analysis of dairy products are excellent for the determination of fine distribution of water in butter and other substances as well as in other products and are easy to use. We offer you a selection of manufacturers Macherey-Nagel, Roche, Oxoid and Heyl.
In addition, you will get numerous test bars like the Quantofix test rods from Macherey-Nagel. These are used for the semi-quantitative analysis of ions and other substances. These are applied by immersion in the test substance and the interpretation of results and can thus be carried out within seconds. Simple results are obtained in a very short time. Areas of application include aquaculture (determination of ammonium, nitrate, nitrate, etc.), electroplating (determination of chromate, copper, nickel, etc.), metal processing and food industry (determination of ascorbic acid, calcium, peroxide, etc.).
In addition, we offer the Merckoquant test strips from Merck, which are also supplied ready for use and deliver meaningful results within seconds. They are portable in a box, easy to use and save time and money, since they provide the user with information on which analyzes are necessary beforehand. A great advantage of these rapid tests is information or the exclusion of further necessary tests, which can lead to both a cost and a time saving.
Our trained staff will be pleased to advise you with regard to any questions concerning the products. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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