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The centrifuge is a technical device which is used in the separation of substances. It uses the centrifugal force acting on suspensions, emulsions and solutions during a rotary movement to separate the constituents. Altmann Analytik's range includes various centrifuges with swing-out and angular rotors as well as suitable accessories. The centrifuges offered here are suitable for fat analysis, for use in the field of food analysis, in particular the dairy industry and the meat industry.

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  1. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Centrifuge tube rack for 6 tubes 1 row, Dm. 36 mm, (BxHxT) 315x65x60 mm

    SKU: DI20735
    In Stock
  2. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Centrifuge tube rack for 24 tubes 2 rows

    SKU: DI20717
    In Stock
  3. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Centrifuge tube rack for 12 tubes 2 row

    SKU: DI20725
    In Stock
  4. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Centrifuge glass for determination of solubility, 34 mm Ø, 100 mm length

    SKU: SE7300050
    In Stock
  5. Ratiolab

    Micro Centrifuge for PCR Strips and Microcentrifuge Tubes

    Regular Price: €280.00

    Special Price €266.00

    SKU: RL7100007
  6. IKA

    Centrifuge, IKA mini G

    SKU: IK0003958000
  7. Funke Gerber

    Centrifuge Nova Safety- for determination of fat

    SKU: FG3670
  8. Eppendorf

    Centrifuge 5430 G, 230V/50Hz, without rotor

    SKU: EP5427000015
  9. Eppendorf

    Centrifuge 5430 R G, Knob, 230V/ 50-60Hz, without rotor

    SKU: EP5428000610
  10. Eppendorf

    Centrifuge 5702 G,w/o rotor, 230V/50-60Hz,

    SKU: EP5702000010
  11. Eppendorf

    Centrifuge 5804 G,w/o rotor, 230V/50-60Hz,

    SKU: EP5804000010
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