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In this category you can find numerous products which you need for the everyday applications in the laboratory such as petri dishes. These are made of high heat resistant polysterol and prove to be extremely heat resistant for working with hot agar. In addition, you will be provided with petrels with ventilation vents, which can be used to promote a better gas exchange. We also offer you the high-quality Parafilm sealing film from the manufacturer Brand, which perfectly adapts to every kind of glass body and thus guarantees a reliable protection against the ingress of air or moisture. In addition, you will find numerous vaccination loops, needles and spatulas with the appropriate holders, swabs, as well as many other laboratory tools from various manufacturers for your dairy business.

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Consumables for Microbiology

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  1. Greiner Bio-One

    Swab tube, PS, 16x152 mm, with cotton swab, sterile, 1000/PAK

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