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Dehydrated Culture Media

Dehydrated culture media belong to the group of culture media and are used in many microbiological laboratories for the cultivation of microorganisms, cells, tissues or small plants. A distinction is made between solid (culture medium) and liquid (culture solution) nutrient media. These in turn are available in ready-to-use and dehydrated form. At Analytics Shop you will find numerous high-quality dehydrated culture media as well as supplements for the preparation of culture media (agar, peptones) from manufacturers such as Merck and Oxoid (part of Thermo Scientific).

Merck produces dehydrated culture media in low-dust granulate form. Compared to powder media, this offers distinct advantages: the inhalation of hazardous substances is reduced, workplace contamination is reduced, the medium has a long shelf life and the granules are easily wettable, which in turn leads to homogeneous dissolution and mixing of the dry medium in the liquid. The use of Merck ready-to-use culture media does not require any preparation. It therefore saves time and money.

Oxoid also offers a large selection of dehydrated culture media. The simultaneous use of some of the most commonly used formulations for culture media on a chromogenic double plate offers the possibility of obtaining precise and accurate results quickly.

Furthermore you will find culture media and supplements of our own brand Dinkelberg analytics in our shop. They are a qualitatively equivalent, but an inexpensive alternative. Do you have any questions about our products? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you choose the right product for your laboratory application.

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Culture Media

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