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Ready-to-use Culture Media

Ready-to-use culture media belong to the group of culture media and are used in many microbiological laboratories for the cultivation of microorganisms, cells, tissues or small plants. A distinction is made between solid (culture medium) and liquid (culture solution) culture media. These in turn are available in ready-to-use and dehydrated form.

Ready-to-use media and solutions have the advantage that they can be used immediately without preparation. The amount of work and time required is reduced and thus costs can be minimised. Another advantage is their easy handling, as no preparation of the ready-to-use culture media is necessary. The error rate is therefore low and high reproducibility is guaranteed.

At Analytics-Shop.com we offer you high-quality ready-to-use culture media from manufacturers such as Oxoid (part of Thermo Scientific), Sartorius and Merck. With ready-to-use plates and media of our own brand Dinkelberg analytics, we offer you alternatives of equal quality but at lower cost. The ready-to-use culture media are available in various forms, sizes and formats: Contact plates, dip slides, in tubes, bottles and bags (ready bags). You will also find ready-to-use nutrient broths in tubes, bottles and bags in our online shop. Do you have any questions about the products? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you to find the right product for your laboratory application.

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Ready-to-use Culture Media

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  1. Merck

    Envirocheck Contact C (total coliforms/E.coli), 10 Units

    SKU: MC1021360001
    In Stock
  2. Merck

    Envirocheck Contact YM(R) (Yeasts and Moulds), 10 Units

    SKU: MC1021390001
    In Stock
  3. Merck

    Envirocheck Contact TVC (Total Viable Counts), 10 Units

    SKU: MC1021490001
    In Stock
  4. Oxoid Deutschland

    Dip Slide Tryptone Soya Agar (Caso) / Malt Extract with Chloramphenicol, 10 pc/pak

    Regular Price: €24.90

    Special Price €19.92

    In Stock
  5. Applichem

    Slide PCA/PCA for microbiology, 20units

    Regular Price: €50.00

    Special Price €25.00

    SKU: AP435895.0922
    In Stock
  6. Applichem

    Slide PCA/RB for microbiology, 20units

    Regular Price: €50.00

    Special Price €25.00

    SKU: AP435896.0922
    In Stock
  7. Applichem

    Slide PCA/VRBG for microbiology, 20units

    Regular Price: €50.00

    Special Price €25.00

    SKU: AP435897.0922
    In Stock
  8. Oxoid Deutschland

    Chromogenic Listeria Agar (Iso)

    SKU: OXPO5183A
  9. Oxoid Deutschland

    Tryptone Soya Broth Usp

    SKU: OXTV5002E
  10. Bode

    BODE Dip Slides Combi, Test-Kit, 2 x 10 St.

    SKU: BD900130
    In Stock
  11. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Peptone water, buffered, 90ml

    SKU: DBPWB30090
    In Stock
  12. Oxoid Deutschland

    Dip Slide Plate Count/VRBD

    Regular Price: €24.10

    Special Price €19.28

  13. Oxoid Deutschland

    Dip Slide Plate Count/Plate Count (10St)

    Regular Price: €23.90

    Special Price €19.12

  14. Oxoid Deutschland

    Slanetz&Bartley-Nährboden Fertigplatte

    SKU: OXPO5018A
  15. Oxoid Deutschland

    Platter of malt extract, 10 plates

    SKU: OXPO5079C
  16. Oxoid Deutschland

    Egg Yolk Emulsion, 100 ml

    SKU: OXSR0047C
  17. Oxoid Deutschland

    Columbia Blood Agar Contact, 55 mm plate, 10 plates

    SKU: OXPB5084C
  18. Oxoid Deutschland

    Sab Gluc Chloramphenicol Agar (Contact), 10 plates

    SKU: OXPO5094C
  19. Oxoid Deutschland

    Tsa Contact With Disinhibitor Plus(Twi), 10 pc/Pak

    SKU: OXPO5171D
  20. Oxoid Deutschland

    Brilliance (Tm) Mrsa 2 Agar, 90 mm mono-plate, 10 plates

    SKU: OXPO5310A
  21. Oxoid Deutschland

    Malt Extract Contact Agar+Chloramphenic, 10 plates

    SKU: OXPO5314C
  22. Oxoid Deutschland

    Pseudomonas CFC selective medium, 90 mm plate, 10 plates

    SKU: OXPO5132A
  23. Oxoid Deutschland

    Defibrinated Sheep Blood, 50ml

    SKU: OXSR0051D
  24. Oxoid Deutschland

    Dip Slide Cled/Macconkey/Cetrimide

  25. Oxoid Deutschland

    Tributyrin Agar, 100 ml

    SKU: OXPM0004C
  26. Oxoid Deutschland

    Malt Extract Agar 10 finished 90 mm plates

    SKU: OXPO5055A
  27. Oxoid Deutschland

    Tryptone Soya Agar, 25 ml

    SKU: OXPO5073A
  28. Oxoid Deutschland

    Tsa With Disinhibitor Plus, 55 mm plate, 10 plates

    SKU: OXPO5172C
  29. Oxoid Deutschland

    Mkttn Enrichment Broth (50X10Ml)

    SKU: OXTV5065E
  30. Oxoid Deutschland

    Signal Blood Culture System, 20 bottles/pak

    SKU: OXBC0100M
  31. Oxoid Deutschland

    Alkaline Peptone Water

    SKU: OXBO0335E
  32. Oxoid Deutschland

    S10 Streptomycin

    SKU: OXCT0047B
  33. Oxoid Deutschland

    Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae Elisa Kit (1Pl)

    SKU: OXK004311-9
  34. Oxoid Deutschland

    Coagulase Plasma 25Ml/Vl

    SKU: OXR21052
  35. Oxoid Deutschland

    Laked Horse Blood 100Ml

    SKU: OXSR0048C
  36. Oxoid Deutschland

    Defibrinated Horse Blood, 100 ml

    SKU: OXSR0050C
  37. Oxoid Deutschland

    Defibrinated Sheep Blood (100Ml)

    SKU: OXSR0051C
  38. Sartorius

    Agar media Orangenserum, 20 ml tubes, 50 pc/PAK

    SKU: ST14130-K
  39. Sartorius

    Agar media Standard, 20 ml tubes, 50 pc/PAK

    SKU: ST14131-K
  40. Sartorius

    Agar media nutrient agar, 20 ml tubes, 50 pc/PAK

    SKU: ST14137-K
  41. Sartorius

    Agar media wort, 20 ml tubes, 50 pc/PAK

    SKU: ST14138-K
  42. Sartorius

    Agar media tomato jus, 20 ml tubes, 50 pc/PAK

    SKU: ST14140-K
  43. Sartorius

    Agar media Lysin, 250 ml bottles, 4 pc/PAK

    SKU: ST14143-A
  44. Sartorius

    Agar media, VLB-S7-S, 250 ml bottles, 4 pc/PAK

    SKU: ST14148-A
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