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In this category you will find materials for the correct and clean sampling of samples. We carry high-quality laboratory items for large and very small samples: drills, ladles and spoons as well as tweezers, test strips and pH paper. To store your samples you will also encounter a selection of sample cups, bags and buckets.

Only with the help of high-quality sampling devices in conjunction with the correct method of operation and technique representative samples can be obtained. Our expert team will be pleased to advise you in regard to any products and application methods - do not hesitate to contact us.

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Sampling Material

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  1. Bochem

    Forcep, length 105mm polished

    SKU: BO1000
    In Stock
  2. Bochem

    Forceps Polyamid, L=130mm

    SKU: BO1840
    In Stock
  3. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Stomacher bag, sterile, without filter, 500 pc/pak

    SKU: KL9570057
    In Stock
  4. Gosselin SAS

    Sample bag 140x229mm, 650ml, 500 pc/PAK

    Regular Price: €173.15

    Special Price €128.99

    SKU: GOSBA1423-01
    In Stock
  5. Gosselin SAS

    Sample bag 75x185 mm, 120ml, sterile, with writing field, 500 pc/PAK

    SKU: GOSBAPE7518-01
    In Stock
  6. Bochem

    Forcep, length 130mm polished

    SKU: BO1002
    In Stock
  7. Bochem

    Forcep, length 145mm polished

    SKU: BO1003
    In Stock
  8. Bochem

    Forcep, length 160mm polished

    SKU: BO1004
    In Stock
  9. Bochem

    Forcep, length 200mm polished

    SKU: BO1005
    In Stock
  10. Bochem

    Forcep, length 250mm polished

    SKU: BO1006
    In Stock
  11. Bochem

    Forcep, length 300mm polished

    SKU: BO1007
    In Stock
  12. Bochem

    Forcep, length 105mm 18/8 steel,polished, pointed

    SKU: BO1010
    In Stock
  13. Bochem

    Forcep, length 115mm 18/8 steel,polished, pointed

    SKU: BO1011
    In Stock
  14. Bochem

    Forcep, length 130mm 18/8 steel,polished, pointed

    SKU: BO1012
    In Stock
  15. Bochem

    Forceps 18/10 steel, sharp, L=200mm

    SKU: BO1015
    In Stock
  16. Bochem

    Forceps, stainless steel, sharp-bent, L=115mm

    SKU: BO1141
    In Stock
  17. Bochem

    Forceps, stainless steel, sharp-bent, L=145mm

    SKU: BO1143
    In Stock
  18. Bochem

    Forceps tissue 1:2, stainless steel, L=115mm

    SKU: BO1150
    In Stock
  19. Bochem

    Forceps tissue 1:2, stainless steel, L=160mm

    SKU: BO1153
    In Stock
  20. Bochem

    Forcep length 120mm 18/8-steel, self clamping

    SKU: BO1641
    In Stock
  21. Bochem

    Forceps 18/10 steel for filter paper, L=125mm

    SKU: BO1645
    In Stock
  22. Bochem

    Forceps f. cover glass, 18/10 steel, L=105mm

    SKU: BO1727
    In Stock
  23. Bochem

    Forcep, length 115mm 18/8-steel teflonized, blunt

    SKU: BO1800
    In Stock
  24. Bochem

    Forcep, length 130mm 18/8-steel teflonized, pointed

    SKU: BO1861
    In Stock
  25. Bochem

    Spatula, length 185mm Spatula, length 185mm

    SKU: BO3211
    In Stock
  26. Bochem

    Spatula, length 210mm Spatula, length 210mm

    SKU: BO3212
    In Stock
  27. Bochem

    Spatula, length 180mm Spatula, length 180mm

    SKU: BO3213
    In Stock
  28. Bochem

    Microspoon-Spatula 18/10 steel, L=150mm

    SKU: BO3350
    In Stock
  29. Bochem

    Spoon length 200mm, spoon size 30x16mm

    SKU: BO3370
    In Stock
  30. Bochem

    Spoon length 150mm, spoon size 30x15mm

    SKU: BO3380
    In Stock
  31. Bochem

    Spoon length 150mm, spoon size 20x10mm

    SKU: BO3385
    In Stock
  32. Bochem

    Poly-spoon, length 150mm Poly-spoon, length 150mm

    SKU: BO3400
    In Stock
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Sampling techniques

There are generally two ways to obtain samples. On one hand a user can select the all-layer sample and the option of the target point sample is also available. In addition, there is the possibility of a soil sample.

All-layer sample:

In this method, a sample is taken throughout all layers of a material to obtain a representative cross-section of the whole. For example, all-layer samples are taken in grain silos. However, if the sample is a heterogeneous material, it should be sampled at several points across the entire depth or width, which is especially important when sampling bulk materials because the small, dust-like particles accumulate on the ground due to movement or transport and a single sample from the upper portion of the material would give a false result.

Target sample:

This procedure is particularly applicable when a punctual contamination of the sample is assumed. For example, by means of the sampling at a specific point, a statement can be made about the condition of the material at said point, or a representative cross-section result can be obtained by sampling at a plurality of target points.

Soil sample:

Particularly in the case of suspected contaminations in public lakes or water bodies, soil samples are used. This can be used to detect and later analyze deposits or residues in the soil that are harmful to the health.