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In the Analytics Shop we carry a series of compact analyzers for the measurement of water hardness. This is a widespread application in dairy laboratories. The devices offered here are e.g. suitable for controlling the water quality of water treatment, water cutting and drinking water systems, for the control and quality control of softening plants with and without intersection and for the control and quality control of decarbonization plants.

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Determination of the Water Hardness

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  1. Heyl

    Testomat-Indikator Typ 301, 500 ml

    SKU: GH141003
    In Stock
  2. Heyl

    TESTOMAT Indikator TH2005, 500 ml

    SKU: GH152005
    In Stock
  3. Heyl

    TESTOMAT Indikator TH2025, 500ml

    SKU: GH152025
    In Stock
  4. Heyl

    Testomat-Indikator 303, 500 mL

    SKU: GH141005
    In Stock
  5. Heyl

    Testomat 310 Indikator, 500 ml

    SKU: GH141007
    In Stock
  6. Heyl

    Testomat Indikator Typ 300s 500ml

    SKU: GH141002
  7. Heyl

    Durognost I, Resthärte-Bestimmung

    SKU: GH400050
    In Stock
  8. Heyl

    Testoval Sulfittest

    SKU: GH410634
    In Stock
  9. Heyl

    Testoval Sulfit-Test, Nachfüllpack Reagenzien

    SKU: GH410635
    In Stock
  10. Heyl

    Testomat-Indikator 300 S, 100 ml

    SKU: GH140002
  11. Heyl

    TESTOMAT Indikator TC2050, 500 ml

    SKU: GH153050
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