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The procedure of inhibitor tests for milk analysis is an essential process step for quality assurance in dairy industry. Test laboratories and farmers use these efficient quick tests for their analysis to evaluate today’s high safety standards. The operating mode of this heating instrument embraces constant tempering and incubation of the milk test. All incubators are equipped with aluminium heating units and an analogue or digital temperature control.

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  1. Macherey-Nagel

    Heating block Vario C2 M big bores

    SKU: MN919350.1
  2. Ohaus

    Microplate Thermal Block, for Shaker

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    SKU: OH30400126
  3. Eppendorf

    SmartBlock 5 ml, thermoblock for 8 tubes 5.0 ml

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    SKU: EP5309000007
  4. Funke Gerber


    SKU: FG6570-2
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