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Water Baths

These robust water baths from Dinkelberg analytics for distinct applications, e.g. sample preparation for high throughput testing, are made of white Polypropylene (PP). Thus they are a lot cheaper than products made of stainless steel and made for persistence. The water baths offer the latest regulation and safety technology a digital display. There are different capacities available. The temperature range goes up to 100°C. Optionally with integrated circulation, see order number ending with an U. Further you have the possibility to get suitable frames for your water bath. We also offer you custom-made pruducts – just contact us!

Since October 2015 you can obtain the new generation of Dinkelberg analytics water baths. The improved devices are, in addition to many other advantages, equipped with an easy to use timer. This provides users the ability to choose the time of the water bath free and ensures greater safety in the laboratory. You can purchase the previous generation of water baths at a special price - while stocks last! If you have any questions regarding the special prices, do not hesitate to contact our staff.

More information on Dinkelberg water baths can be found here.

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Water Baths

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  1. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Water bath Ecotherm, with timer

    €740.00 – €2,600.00

  2. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Water bath Ecotherm U with circulation, with timer

    €840.00 – €2,900.00

  3. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Water Bath Rototherm ER5, bath capacity 30l

    SKU: DIETR452825
    In Stock
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Wather baths of PP – a benefit for your  lab

Water baths from Dinkelberg are made of polypropylene (PP). This offers many benefits compared to other water baths, for instance water baths with a case of stainless steel:

  • Dinkelberg water baths of polypropylene distinguished themselves by a good heat isolation. Despite of high temperatures of the water the outer surface and surrounding hardware are not scalding, protecting the persons in the laboratory of burnings
  • Dinkelberg water baths are single-walled and so space-saving
  • Welded joints are invariant against  variations in temperature
  • The surface of Dinkelberg water baths can be cleaned nearly sterile
  • The robust construction as the consistency against many materials ensure the use of the water bath for many years

Acid-resistant water baths

For the appliance in the dairy and food-industry, we are offering an acid-resistant water bath. This water bath is extremely resistant against acids and bases and proved itself over the years in several laboratories.

Water baths ECOTHERM from Dinkelberg

For more than 40 years, Dinkelberg is an established retailer of water baths for laboratories. The product line ECOTHERM is distinguished through excellent product characteristics:

  • Water baths with the latest regulation and safety technology
  • Basin of PP, extraordinary heat isolation
  • Electronic regulation and digital display
  • Easy to handle
  • Heater off stainless steel
  • Inclusive grate
  • Considerably service
  • Guaranty options possible

These product characteristics are of course also valid for our water baths with larger capacities (article numbers E38, E50 and E70).

Special-water baths ROTOTHERM with magnetic stirrer

ROTOTHERM special water baths with magnetic stirrers from Dinkelberg are equipped with two magnetic stirrer spots, integrated in the bottom, as with perforated cap which simultaneously centers up the bottles. The stirring spots are adjustable mutual and continuously.  
Additional the water baths with magnetic stirrers got a ternary protection system, consisting of an attached temperature limiter, an electrical water level control system and a control system for broken detectors. The water baths are well appropriated for boiling or dissolving nutrient media in the microbiology or other cases.

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