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For save and easy funneling and decanting funnels are indispensable. Thereby the material the funnel is made of is really important. The funnels available in the analytics-shop.com from Bochem are manufactured out of stainless steal, whereas funnels of IDL are produced out of Polypropylen (PP). For the usage of glass funnels it is advisable to choose standard funnels, separating funnels and dropping funnels of Duran. China Büchner funnels of Haldenwanger can also be found in this category.

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  1. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Filtration rack, for 4 funnels, basic plate

    SKU: DI22000
    In Stock
  2. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Filtration rack, for 6 funnels, basic plate

    SKU: DI33000
    In Stock
  3. IDL GmbH

    Funnel/diam. 75mm, PP

    SKU: ID2300470200
  4. IDL GmbH

    Funnel/diam. 100mm, PP

    SKU: ID2300470250
  5. IDL GmbH

    Funnel/diam. 150mm, PP

    SKU: ID2300470350
    In Stock
  6. IDL GmbH

    Powder funnel/diam. 120mm, PP

    SKU: ID2300480350
    In Stock
  7. Hecht

    Glastrichter BORO 12 cm

    SKU: HE4000/12
    In Stock
  8. Hecht

    Glastrichter BORO 15 cm

    SKU: HE4000/15
    In Stock
  9. Hecht

    Glastrichter BORO 7 cm

    SKU: HE4000/7
    In Stock
  10. Hecht

    Glastrichter BORO 8 cm

    SKU: HE4000/8
    In Stock
  11. Hecht

    Pulvertrichter BORO 10 cm

    SKU: HE4001/10
    In Stock
  12. Hecht

    Pulvertrichter Glas 50 mm

    SKU: HE4001/5
    In Stock
  13. Hecht

    Pulvertrichter BORO 8 cm

    SKU: HE4001/8
    In Stock
  14. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Filtration rack, for 2 funnels, basic plate

    SKU: DI11000
    In Stock
  15. Dinkelberg Analytics

    SIMAX-Funnel Borosilicate Glass 3.3, 30mm, 10/PK

    SKU: DIN743532112141
  16. Dinkelberg Analytics

    SIMAX-Funnel Borosilicate Glass 3.3, 40mm, 10/PK

    SKU: DIN743532112152
  17. Dinkelberg Analytics

    SIMAX-Funnel Borosilicate Glass 3.3, 55mm, 10/PK

    SKU: DIN743532112167
  18. Dinkelberg Analytics

    SIMAX-Funnel Borosilicate Glass 3.3, 70mm, 10/PK

    SKU: DIN743532112182
  19. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Filtration rack, for 10 funnels, basic plate

    SKU: DI55000
  20. Bochem

    Funnel dia. 80mm, 18/8-steel

    SKU: BO8840
  21. Bochem

    Funnel dia. 120mm, 18/8-steel

    SKU: BO8842
  22. Bochem

    Funnel dia. 250mm, 18/8-steel

    SKU: BO8845
  23. Duran Group

    DURAN® Separating funnel, conical, 1000 ml

    SKU: DU242945406
  24. Bürkle

    Funnel PP 200 mm

    SKU: BÜ9602-0200
  25. Bürkle

    Powder funnel 253mm

    SKU: BÜ9606-0240
  26. Dinkelberg Analytics

    SIMAX-Funnel Borosilicate Glass 3.3, 200mm, 6/PK

    SKU: DI60743524112311
  27. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Powder Funnel, straight end, 200mm, 6/PK

    SKU: DI60743524214311
  28. IDL GmbH

    Funnel/diam. 50mm, PP

    SKU: ID2300470150
  29. IDL GmbH

    Funnel/diam. 200mm, PP

    SKU: ID2300470400
  30. IDL GmbH

    Funnel/diam. 250mm, PP

    SKU: ID2300470450
  31. IDL GmbH

    Powder funnel/diam. 65mm, PP

    SKU: ID2300480200
  32. IDL GmbH

    Powder funnel/diam. 150mm, PP

    SKU: ID2300480400
  33. Vitlab


    SKU: VI41894
  34. Vitlab


    SKU: VI41994
  35. Vitlab


    SKU: VI80441
  36. Bürkle

    Trichter PP 100 mm

    SKU: BÜ9602-0100
  37. Bürkle

    Funnel PE 160 mm

    SKU: BÜ9602-0160
  38. Bürkle

    Pulvertrichter PP 100 mm

    SKU: BÜ9606-0100
  39. Bürkle

    Funnel PE 60 mm

    SKU: BÜ9602-0060
  40. Bürkle

    Funnel PE 80 mm

    SKU: BÜ9602-0080
  41. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Funnel, Ribbed, 105mm, 12/PK

    SKU: DI60743524115211
  42. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Funnel, Ribbed, 138mm, 6/PK

    SKU: DI60743524115241
  43. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Funnel, Ribbed, 210mm, 3/PK

    SKU: DI60743524115311
  44. Hecht

    Pulvertrichter BORO 16cm

    SKU: HE4001/16
  45. Dinkelberg Analytics

    SIMAX-Funnel Borosilicate Glass 3.3, 250mm, 2/PK

    SKU: DI60743524112361
  46. Dinkelberg Analytics

    SIMAX-Funnel Borosilicate Glass 3.3, 300mm, 2/PK

    SKU: DI60743524112411
  47. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Powder Funnel, straight end, 50mm, 10/PK

    SKU: DI60743524214161
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Glass Funnels of Duran

Glass funnels of Duran have all established Duran properties, as chemical resistance and high temperature change reliability. These funnels are suitable for applications with hot and/or aggressive media. All products of Duran, standard funnels, as well as separating funnels are also available with chalk-soda-glass.
Glass funnels of Rettberg are separated into filling funnels, dosing funnels and separatinf funnels. All the funnels offered by Rettberg are manufactured out of Duran borosolicate glass.


Polypropylene Funnels of IDL

Polypropylene (PP) funnels of IDL offer extraordinary high chemical resistance against acids and basics as well as versus all common solvents, which are capable to corrode glass and metall funnels. Furthermore these pulver funnels are transparent and suited for funneling liquid and pulverulant reagents in reaction flasks, especially to  charge multi-neck flask during the reaction. Usage for contact with food corresponding enactment (EG) Nr. 10/2011 is also possible with funnels of IDL.


Stainless Steal Funnels of Bochem

All stainless steal funnels produced by Bochem are made out of stainless steal. These funnels are especially characerized by high temperature and chemical reliablitiy versus many organic solvents. These properties allow the use of Bochem funnels in various processes like food industry.

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