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At Analytics-Shop.com you find the entire equipment for your laboratory all in one place. Besides a large spectrum of instruments, apparatus, furniture and glass ware we also offer a wide range of accessories and supply. Here you find useful instruments and accessories, like three-fold holders, pestles, dissecting needles and many more. If you have questions, please contact us! 

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Instruments & Accessories

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  1. Bochem

    Jack, platform size 200x200mm, Alu blue, anodized

    SKU: BO11031
    In Stock
  2. Bochem

    Jack, platform size 240x240mm, Alu blue, anodized

    SKU: BO11041
    In Stock
  3. Bochem

    Cork borer sharpener up to dia. 27mm

    SKU: BO12440
    In Stock
  4. Bochem

    Wire gauze w. ceramic center, 120x120mm

    SKU: BO12751
    In Stock
  5. Bochem

    Wire gauze w. ceramic center, 150x150mm

    SKU: BO12752
    In Stock
  6. Bochem

    Wire gauze w. ceramic center, 200x200mm

    SKU: BO12753
    In Stock
  7. Bochem

    Hook-type bosshead clamping width 13mm

    SKU: BO5304
    In Stock
  8. Bochem

    Bosshead 18/10 steel, DIN 12895, d=16,5mm

    SKU: BO5310
    In Stock
  9. Bochem

    Safety-bosshead clamping width 16,5mm

    SKU: BO5337
    In Stock
  10. Hecht

    LABOGAZ Burner

    SKU: HE1396
    In Stock
  11. IDL GmbH

    Double bosshead with clamping Double bosshead with clamping

    SKU: ID3100100100
    In Stock
  12. IDL GmbH

    Double bosshead with extra wide Double bosshead with extra wide

    SKU: ID3100100200
    In Stock
  13. IDL GmbH

    Bosshead with clamping width 5 to 15mm

    SKU: ID3100100300
    In Stock
  14. Vitlab

    SPRAY-BOTTLES 0.5l WHITE, 5 pcs

    SKU: VI53510
    In Stock
  15. Vitlab


    SKU: VI53610
    In Stock
  16. Schuett-Biotec

    MESSFIX tubing gauge, red

    SKU: SÜ3660103
    In Stock
  17. Bochem

    Bosshead Alu, DIN 12895, d=16,5mm,

    SKU: BO5330
    In Stock
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PF-laboratory-flange triple clamp

This holder for laboratory flat flanges by Bochem is used to change the vessel and the lid alternating. The special quick-release fastener ensures that the two laboratory flat flanges of reaction tube and flat flange lid are connected and further that the reaction tube and/or flat flange lid are held individually (optimal flange angle 45°).