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Tools like spoons and spades are indispensible lab aids. However specific characteristics of materials need to be considered for best achievements and convenient working. Spatulas or spoons made of titanium e.g. are ideal for the fine analysis of many metals. However, PTFE-coated tools are especially suitable for handling oily and sticky substances and can be cleaned easily without leaving any residues. Choose here the right tools by renowned manufacturers like Bochem, Hammacher & Co. for you specific needs.

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Spoons, Spades & Shovels

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  1. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Spouted Dairy Sample Bailer, 100 ml

    Regular Price: €88.00

    Special Price €83.60

    SKU: BL5117550A
    In Stock
  2. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Drigalskispatel Glas, LxBxD. 160x48x5 mm

    Regular Price: €3.43

    Special Price €2.90

    SKU: SE5082218
  3. Bochem

    Twin spatula, length 150mm

    SKU: BO3101
    In Stock
  4. Bochem

    Chemical-spoon, length 210mm

    SKU: BO3423
    In Stock
  5. Bochem

    Chemical spoon, length 150mm

    SKU: BO3471
  6. Bochem

    Pharmacist spatula, length 165mm

    SKU: BO3490
    In Stock
  7. Bochem

    Chemical shovel, length/total 250mm

    SKU: BO8801
    In Stock
  8. Bochem

    Chemical shovel, length/total 370mm

    SKU: BO8804
  9. Bochem

    Micro-spatula, length 130mm

    SKU: BO3011
  10. Bochem

    Micro-spatula, length 150mm

    SKU: BO3015
  11. Bochem

    Micro-spatula, length 150mm

    SKU: BO3025
  12. Bochem

    Mortar-spatula, length 150mm

    SKU: BO3260
  13. Bochem

    Powder-spatula, length 170mm

    SKU: BO3360
  14. Bochem

    Poly-Spoon 18/10 steel, L=500mm

    SKU: BO3414
  15. Bochem

    Chemical-spoon, length 150mm

    SKU: BO3421
  16. Bochem

    Chemical-spoon, length 180mm

    SKU: BO3422
  17. Bochem

    Laboratory spoon, length 105mm

    SKU: BO3480
  18. Bochem

    Laboratory spoon, length 265mm

    SKU: BO3484
  19. Bochem

    Pharmacist spatula, length 415mm

    SKU: BO3497
  20. Bochem

    Double spatula titanium, L=210mm

    SKU: BO3910
  21. Bochem

    Chemical shovel, length/total 190mm

    SKU: BO8800
  22. Bochem

    Chemical shovel length/total 215mm

    SKU: BO8809
  23. Bochem

    Scoop alu, L=185mm, 90ml

    SKU: BO8818
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The universal instruments for collecting, dividing and mixing pastes, creams etc. are available in various forms. Spatulas and double spatulas are available in standard or bent shape and also with flexible blades. Further you find spatulas in various forms in our assortment, from flat types and round and bent spatuals, to double spatulas with one tapered side. The spatulas are available with several handles, like e.g. micro spatulas with PVC handle, spatulas with wooden handles, vibro spatulas with adjusting knob and spatulas with knob. Furthermore we offer cement spatulas, mortar spatulas, section lifter with stiff and flexible blades and spoon spatulas.

Spoons and Shovels for your Laboratory

Spoons and shovels for the easy and hygienic sampling of substances or for weighing are also available in numerous variations. We offer e.g. POLY spoons, chemical spoons (one spoons or two spoons), spoon spatulas (standard or micro), laboratory spoons, measuring spoon sets a well as conical weighing scoops and weighing scoops with knob.

Further information on specific characteristics of various materials, e.g. stainless steel, wironit, nickel or titanium is provided here