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Without stands, bossheads and clamps the daily lab routine can’t be imagined. Reliable stability given by bossheads and clamps is essential for secure and successful analyses: Burettes, flasks, columns or complete test apparatus are fixed with the aid of clamping and tensioning devices. Depending on your specific needs, various materials may be used: when lighter loads are employed, e.g. in schools, low-cost steel/cast iron variants are recommended. Stainless steel components offer best possible quality and durability and for those who focus on light weight, the aluminium versions are the best choice. The clamps of our assortment are either coated with cork, silicone or rubber to ensure perfect stability and ideal protection of sensitive surfaces for any applications. 

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Stands & Stand Components

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  1. Bochem

    Frame clamp LABORAL alloy Frame clamp LABORAL alloy

    SKU: BOB08600121
    In Stock
  2. Bochem

    Standbase L./W./mm/kg 210/130/1,3

    SKU: BO5000
    In Stock
  3. Bochem

    Standbase L./W./mm/kg 315/200/3,0

    SKU: BO5003
  4. Bochem

    Standbase L./B./mm/kg 210/130/1,3

    SKU: BO5031
    In Stock
  5. Bochem

    Standbase L./B./mm/kg 250/160/2,0

    SKU: BO5032
    In Stock
  6. Bochem

    Standbase L./B./mm/kg 300/150/2,2

    SKU: BO5033
    In Stock
  7. Bochem

    Standbase L./B./mm/kg 315/200/3,0

    SKU: BO5034
  8. Bochem

    Standbase L./B./mm/kg 210/130/1,8

    SKU: BO5035
    In Stock
  9. Bochem

    Standbase L./B./mm/kg 250/160/2,6

    SKU: BO5036
    In Stock
  10. Bochem

    Standbase L./B./mm/kg 315/200/5,0

    SKU: BO5038
  11. Bochem

    Frame rod L./mm 500, thread M 10 18/10-steel

    SKU: BO5110
    In Stock
  12. Bochem

    Frame rod L./mm 750, thread M 10 18/10-steel

    SKU: BO5112
    In Stock
  13. Bochem

    Frame rod L./mm 1000, thread M 10 18/10-steel

    SKU: BO5113
    In Stock
  14. Bochem

    Frame rod L./mm 500, thread M 10 aluminium

    SKU: BO5130
    In Stock
  15. Bochem

    Frame rod L./mm 750, thread M 10 aluminium

    SKU: BO5132
    In Stock
  16. Bochem

    Frame rod L./mm 500, without thread aluminium

    SKU: BO5140
    In Stock
  17. Bochem

    Clamp, clamping width 15mm, 18/10-steel

    SKU: BO5400
    In Stock
  18. Bochem

    Clamp, clamping width 25mm, 18/10-steel

    SKU: BO5401
    In Stock
  19. Bochem

    Clamp, clamping width 40mm, 18/10-steel

    SKU: BO5402
    In Stock
  20. Bochem

    Clamp, clamping width 60mm, 18/10-steel

    SKU: BO5403
    In Stock
  21. Bochem

    Clamp, clamping width 15-25mm, 18/10-steel

    SKU: BO5406
    In Stock
  22. Bochem

    Clamp, clamping width 25-40mm, 18/10-steel

    SKU: BO5407
    In Stock
  23. Bochem

    Clamp, clamping width 120mm, 18/10-steel

    SKU: BO5451
    In Stock
  24. Bochem

    Retort clamp standard steel, zincked, d=100mm

    SKU: BO5480
    In Stock
  25. Bochem

    Support ring, inner diam. 50 mm, shaft length

    SKU: BO5580
    In Stock
  26. Bochem

    Support ring, inner diam. 70 mm, shaft length

    SKU: BO5581
    In Stock
  27. Bochem

    Support ring, inner diam. 100 mm, shaft length

    SKU: BO5582
    In Stock
  28. Bochem

    Clamp, clamping width 8-30mm plastic coated

    SKU: BOB08235037
  29. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Stand for anaerobic container small

    SKU: DIAB10002K
    In Stock
  30. IDL GmbH

    Support ring/steel galvanized O.D. 60mm

    SKU: ID3100200600
    In Stock
  31. IDL GmbH

    Support ring/steel galvanized O.D. 80mm

    SKU: ID3100200800
  32. IDL GmbH

    Support ring/steel, galvanized Support ring/steel, galvanized

    SKU: ID3100201200
    In Stock
  33. IKA

    Plate stand, H800 mm, R 1826

    SKU: IK0003160100
    In Stock
  34. Bochem

    Connection bar 360°

    SKU: BOB08599126
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Stand bases and frame rods

Stand bases, e.g. made of 18/10 stainless steel by Bochem, are available with expanded, flat and heavy feet for even more stability (one foot is adjustable). A frame rod with an external thread can be adjusted to a threaded hole in the middle of the front side with a M10 inside thread. The term thread refers to a shaped groove that spirals around a cylindrical object (inside or outside) in a helical line. The ‘groove’ is referred to as thread. Threads are standardized according to DIN and ISO norms to make sure components with internal and external threads match.
Due to its specific characteristics regarding strength, corrosion behaviour, mouldability and welding capability, stainless steel is an ideal material for the production of stand bases.

Stand components

Besides standard retort clamps you find a wide range of 3- and 4-prongs clamps, micro clamps, burette clamps, support rings, frame clamps etc. The lab aids are available in various materials and with different coatings. At the bottom of this page you find further information about materials and their specific characteristics and application areas. 

If you are looking for clips & clamps, e.g. tubing clamps or mounting clips, please have a look here.