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In this section you find a wide range of stands and racks for laboratories, from racks in 2 or 3 rows for test tubes, butyrometer, centrifuge tubes etc. to tilted basket stands and pipette and thermometer racks. The useful lab aids are available in different materials, e.g. racks made of shatterproof and steam sterilisable PP or drainer with PVC coating.

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Stands & Racks

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  1. IDL GmbH

    Test tube holder, large, up to 30mm diam.

    SKU: ID3700001030
    In Stock
  2. Wagner und Munz

    Reagenzglasgestell für 12 Gläser, blau, PP, autoklavierbar bis 120°C

    SKU: ID246250740
    In Stock
  3. Brand

    Rack for 2 Imhoff sedimentation cones

    SKU: BR388050
    In Stock
  4. Brand

    Bench-top rack for up to 6 Transferpette S

    SKU: BR704805
    In Stock
  5. Brand

    PLASTIBRAND cuvette stand holds 15 cuvettes

    SKU: BR759500
    In Stock
  6. Brand

    Draining rack/PS with 72 pegs (D 16mm)

    SKU: BR95105
    In Stock
  7. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Stand for 2 Weighing Pipettes

    SKU: DI5110710
    In Stock
  8. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Tilted Basket Stand

    SKU: DI101212
    In Stock
  9. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Electrode Stand

    SKU: DI90230
    In Stock
  10. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Insert rack/PP white, 36 holes 26mm

    SKU: DIEGB362600
    In Stock
  11. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Centrifuge tube rack for 6 tubes 1 row, Dm. 36 mm, (BxHxT) 315x65x60 mm

    SKU: DI20735
    In Stock
  12. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Filtration rack, for 4 funnels, basic plate

    SKU: DI22000
    In Stock
  13. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Rack for sedimentation cones for 4 cones

    SKU: DI40400
    In Stock
  14. Duran Group

    Stainless steel handle for staining tray, 10 pcs.

    SKU: DU290750002
    In Stock
  15. Kimberly-Clark

    Mobile floor stand for large reels, wide

    SKU: KC6155
    In Stock
  16. Bürkle

    Bottle carrier 6 bottles

    SKU: BÜ0361-0006
    In Stock
  17. Bürkle

    Bottle carrier 8 bottles

    SKU: BÜ0361-0008
  18. Bürkle

    Drainer benchtop 40x40cm

    SKU: BÜ9640-3040
  19. Bürkle

    Drainer benchtop 60x60cm

    SKU: BÜ9640-3060
    In Stock
  20. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Rack PP white for butyrometers, 12 bores, 26mm diameter

    SKU: DIEGB122600
    In Stock
  21. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Rack PP white for butyrometers, 30 bores, 26mm diameter

    SKU: DIEGB302600
    In Stock
  22. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Einsatzgestell PP, weiß, 56 Bohrungen

    SKU: DIEGR561600H
  23. Ratiolab

    PCR rack, PP, blue, 10 pc/PAK

    Regular Price: €12.70

    Special Price €12.07

    SKU: RL6114102
  24. Ratiolab

    1 table stand height 25 cm+100 waste disposal bags standard, 200 x 300 x 0,05 mm

    Regular Price: €17.90

    Special Price €17.01

    SKU: RL7001401
  25. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Filtration rack, for 2 funnels, basic plate

    SKU: DI11000
    In Stock
  26. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Inoculation Loop Rack, slanted for 4 Kolle holders

    SKU: DI12344
    In Stock
  27. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Butyrometer rack for 12 butyrometers 2 rows,

    SKU: DI15512
    In Stock
  28. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Cartridge for 1 Butyrometer

    SKU: DI15801
    In Stock
  29. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Pipette and Thermometer Rack for 10 pipettes

    SKU: DI201510
    In Stock
  30. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Centrifuge tube rack for 24 tubes 2 rows

    SKU: DI20717
    In Stock
  31. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Centrifuge tube rack for 12 tubes 2 row

    SKU: DI20725
    In Stock
  32. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Pipette and Thermometer Rack for 20 pipettes

    SKU: DI302220
    In Stock
  33. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Pipette stand round

    SKU: DI305323
    In Stock
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Microcentrifuge tube racks made of PP

The renowned manufacturer Brand offers microcentrifuge tube racks made of PP in different colors and various sizes, e.g. for 32, 55 or 128 tubes. The racks are suitable for vessels with a diameter of 11mm (microcentrifuge tubes) or 13mm (cryogenic tubes) enable convenient and permanent assembly. The stackable racks with alphanumerical positions can be used at operating temperatures from -20° C to + 90° C and autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar) according to DIN EN 285. Due to the density of 1.2 g/ cm³ the racks will not float in waterbaths.

Draining rack, benchtop by Bürkle

Draining racks by Bürkle are extremely flexible and can be used on both sides. Thus Bürkle racks provide twice the hanging space. The stable rods are individually placed into the holes of the draining rack and are clicked into place. Their positions can be changed at any time. The draining racks can easily be set down on a table or working surface. Two large supports with wide bases ensure sufficient stability. Since both sides of the draining board can be used, it provides twice the hanging space. The collecting pan can simply be removed for emptying. By using rods of three different lengths (60mm, 100mm and extension to 150mm), the draining rack can be adapted to any apparatus which needs to be dried. Choose between 40x40cm, 50x50cm and 60x60cm draining racks by Bürkle.