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We offer instrument trays in several sizes with or without cover. Instrument trays out of stainless steel with a good-fitting cover are suitable for storage of sterile or contaminated instruments of surgery or lab. The instruments' cleansing or disinfection in the trays is possible. There are also differently sized trays made of melamine, which cannot be sealed by a cover. Thus they rather serve to provide surgical equipment or other sterile working materials than as a transport facility. The trays are of quite simple design but functionally orientated. Thereby they guarantee a simple handling and cleansing. Independent of the material, the trays are suitable for the autoclave.


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Instrument Trays

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  1. Vitlab

    Instrument tray 42.8x28.8x1.7cm MF, 5 pcs

    SKU: VI71998
    In Stock
  2. Vitlab

    Instrument tray 35x24x4cm MF, 5 pcs

    SKU: VI72298
    In Stock
  3. Vitlab

    Instrument tray 29x16x6cm MF, 5 pcs

    SKU: VI72398
    In Stock
  4. Vitlab

    Instrument tray 19x15x1.7cm MF, 5 pcs

    SKU: VI71598
  5. Vitlab

    Instrument tray 24x18x1.7cm MF, 5 pcs

    SKU: VI71698
  6. Vitlab

    Instrument tray 26.8x21x1.7cm MF, 5 pcs

    SKU: VI71798
  7. Vitlab

    Instrument tray 35.5x24x1.7cm MF, 5 pcs

    SKU: VI71898
  8. Vitlab

    Instrument tray 19x15x4cm MF, 5 pcs

    SKU: VI72098
  9. Vitlab

    Instrument tray 29x16x3.5cm MF, 5 pcs

    SKU: VI72198
  10. Vitlab

    Instrument tray 35x25x10cm MF, 5 pcs

    SKU: VI72498
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