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Test tubes, also known as sample tubes or culture tubes, are open at the top and have a rounded, flat or conical bottom. The lab glass ware products with long, narrow necks are used to hold, mix, or heat small quantities of solid or liquid chemicals. We offer test tubes in various lengths and widths. Some test tubes can be used with ground glass stoppers or screw caps.

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Test Tubes

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Duran Boiling Flasks: Test Tubes and Culture Tubes

Duran test tubes are thick-walled and therefore mechanically very resistant. Another advantage is that these test tubes still retain good thermal shock resistance.

DURAN® test tubes with DIN thread are also known as culture tubes. These culture tubes can be tightly closed using PBT screw caps. Hence, the tubes are particularly suited to the cultivation of micro-organisms or substance storage, etc. The contents only come into contact with the glass and PTFE seal.