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In our product portfolio, you find climatic chambers and incubators, amongst others, by the high quality producers. Memmert incubators and cooling incubators guarantee an optimal incubation. The results are reproducible in every routine test – even under high batch throughputs in long-term operation. The devices are equipped with electronically controlled APT.line preheating chambers. Furthermore with an independent temperature safety device class 3.1 (DIN 12880) including optical and audible temperature alarm, an RS 422 interface for use with APT-COM DataControlSystem communication software and an inner glass door. Please find more detailed information on the function of climatic chambers and incubators below the single products. 

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Climatic Chambers & Incubators

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  1. Memmert

    Climatic test chamber CTC

    SKU: MMCTC256
  2. Memmert

    Humidity chamber HCP 108

    SKU: MMHCP108
  3. Memmert

    Humidity chamber HCP 153

    SKU: MMHCP153
  4. Memmert

    Humidity chamber HCP 246

    SKU: MMHCP246
  5. Schuett-Biotec

    INCUDRIVE R drive unit for roller DRUM, 230 V

    SKU: SÜ3064001
  6. Schuett-Biotec

    INCUDRIVE H incubating hood with air-circulation system

    SKU: SÜ3065001
  7. Schuett-Biotec

    INCUDRIVE S roller frame for roller DRUM

    SKU: SÜ3055101
  8. Schuett-Biotec

    Roller DRUM R for 7 roller bottles 120/125 mm diam.

    SKU: SÜ3056071
  9. Schuett-Biotec

    Roller DRUM K10 for 210 test-tubes 100x16 mm

    SKU: SÜ3056101
  10. Schuett-Biotec

    Roller DRUM K16 for 210 test-tubes 160x16 mm

    SKU: SÜ3056161
  11. Schuett-Biotec

    Roller DRUM M for other vessels (custom-made)

    SKU: SÜ3056311
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Incubators serve to generate and preserve a micro climate to guarantee ideal conditions for different development and growth processes. Two of these conditions are for instance the humidity factor and the temperature. An incubator adjusts its inner temperature precisely to the temperature required for the microorganisms to be incubated.