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In this product category, you find a wide-ranging offer of cooling devices for the analytical laboratory. In the following pages, you find both laboratory standard refrigerators and freezers as well as also ultra-low temperature freezers with a temperature range of down to -150°C. The AQUALYTIC refrigerators in the EX range meet the requirements of the German BGR 120 guideline for laboratories, which stipulates that interior spaces must be explosions-protected where hazardous, explosive atmospheres can develop. Explosive atmospheres can develop for example, due to the presence of flammable liquids. The laboratory refrigerator has a temperature range of +2°C up to 10°C. 

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Refrigerating & Freezing Units

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  1. Carl Roth GmbH

    Kühlakkus aus PE, 169x75x19mm, 50St/Pk

    SKU: ROE447.2
    In Stock
  2. Aqualytic

    Laboratory cabinet, refrigerated, 490l

    SKU: AQ422135
  3. Aqualytic

    Thermostatic cabinet TC 256 G

    SKU: AQ438235
  4. Aqualytic

    Laboratory refrigerator EX 160, 160 l volume

    SKU: AQ422105
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