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In our warming and drying cabinet assortment, you find Memmert drying and warming cabinets that work with high thermical precision and guarantee quick and efficient drying. The warming and drying cabinets have a wide temperature range of 5°C to 300°C. Furthermore, they enable warm storage, accomplish sterilizing tasks at homogenous heat distribution, do have a very short heating time, absolute process stability and a high power reserve.

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Warming and Drying Ovens

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  1. Memmert

    Universal Oven UF750, Single-Display, 749L, 30°C -300°C, with 2 Grids

    Regular Price: €5,981.00

    Special Price €5,382.90

    SKU: MMUF750
  2. Memmert

    Universal Oven UF750plus, Twin-Display, 749L, 30°C -300°C with 2 Grids

    Regular Price: €6,668.00

    Special Price €6,001.20

    SKU: MMUF750plus
  3. Memmert

    Universal Oven UN750, Single-Display, 749L, 30°C-300°C, with 2 Grids

    Regular Price: €5,293.00

    Special Price €4,763.70

    SKU: MMUN750
  4. Memmert

    Universal Oven UN750plus, Twin-Display, 749L, 30°C -300°C with 2 Grids

    Regular Price: €5,946.00

    Special Price €5,351.40

    SKU: MMUN750plus
  5. Memmert

    Blanket warmer IF750bw, Single-Display, 749 l, 20°C - 80°C, with 2 Grids

    Regular Price: €6,225.00

    Special Price €5,602.50

    SKU: MMIF750bw
  6. Memmert

    Universal Oven UF750m, forced air circulation, Single-Display, 749 l, 20°C - 300°C, with 2 Grids

    Regular Price: €5,981.00

    Special Price €5,382.90

    SKU: MMUF750m
  7. Memmert

    Universal Oven UF750mplus, forced air circulation, Twin-Display, 749 l, 20°C - 300°C, with 2 Grids

    Regular Price: €6,668.00

    Special Price €6,001.20

    SKU: MMUF750mplus
  8. Memmert

    Pass-through Oven UF750TS, Twin-Display, 749 l, 30°C - 250°C, with 2 Grids

    Regular Price: €13,985.00

    Special Price €12,586.50

    SKU: MMUF750TS
  9. Memmert

    Universal Oven UN750m, natural convection, Single-Display, 749 l, -20°C - 300°C, with 2 Grids

    Regular Price: €5,293.00

    Special Price €4,763.70

    SKU: MMUN750m
  10. Memmert

    Universal Oven UN750mplus, natural convection, Twin-Display, 749 l-20°C - 300°C, with 2 Grids

    Regular Price: €5,946.00

    Special Price €5,351.40

    SKU: MMUN750mplus
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Universal heating ovens for laboratories, industry and research

As a specialist dealer, we provide heating & drying ovens in all possible dimensions as well as various accessories, especially from high-quality manufacturer Memmert. All lab ovens are characterized by high quality, which qualifies them for various applications.

Reproducible, controllable atmosphere

Temperature control cabinets ensure controlled and repeatable temperature conditions in their interiors. For special applications the atmosphere can be enriched additionally.

Evaporation and condensation

Temperature and pressure determine if a substance is solid, liquid or gaseous. The special case of boiling - evaporation - occurs when a particle with a high kinetic energy (for example, due to the influence of heat) can overcome the attractive forces of lower kinetic energy components in a liquid. If the particles remaining in the cooled liquid continue to draw energy from the environment, the liquid will eventually evaporate completely. In the case of the temperature cabinets listed here, a uniform temperature distribution in the interior reduces the risk of evaporation of liquid in the sample. For feed that must not dry out under any circumstances, this is supported by the constant supply of moisture.

If the temperature distribution in units with humidity supply or during cooling operation is uneven, there is a risk of condensation and condensation.

Heat transfer

During heat transfer, thermal energy is transported from warmer areas to colder areas. This can be done by heat transfer by means of convection, heat conduction or thermal radiation.

Heat transfer by convection

The heat transfer is used in heating to maintain a uniform temperature, in the veining of aggregate states or on the separation of substances application. If you want to speed up the heating process and ensure a faster and at the same time more homogenous temperature distribution, you either increase the temperature or direct the flow into the interior by means of forced circulating air. The higher the air velocity, the faster the heat exchange.

Heat conduction

One speaks of heat conduction, if within a substance the heat is transferred by unordered particle collisions. In vacuum, the feed is heated mainly by means of heat conduction through the insert sheets.

Thermal radiation

The third form of heat transfer is heat radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves that each body emits. A temperature control cabinet has a cubic interior. Ideally, a uniformly heated cube emits heat of the same intensity from all six sides. The less space we heat in the interior of a heating cabinet, the greater the pressure that will be given to the goods to be heated too much, or to prevent any shaded feed from absorbing heat.

Memmert heating ovens for universal use in the laboratory

Whether you want to carry out material tests, age computer chips, run complex test series with highly sensitive feed material, dry or temper electronic components, cure synthetic resin or heat plasticine, Memmert's universal cupboard U stands for unmatched, precise and gentle tempering.

  • Temperature range up to +300 ° C
  • 8 model sizes from 30 up to 750 litres
  • 2 model variants: SingleDISPLAY and TwinDISPLAY
  • Natural convection or forced air circulation: N / F

State-of-the-art technology in the laboratory - paired with optimum ease of use

The equipment of the universal heating cabinet from Memmert is practice-oriented, its program functions are designed for a variety of applications and even with intensive use, our all-rounder made of fine stainless steel loses neither gloss nor reliability. Under 32 models, upgradable with comfortable and application-specific special equipment, you will easily find the ideal for your needs warming cabinet. The two model variants SingleDISPLAY and TwinDISPLAY cover all requirements for thermal safety, precision and quality assurance for your application.

Special use according to the German MPG

According to the Medical Devices Act (Directive 93/42 / EEC), the UF / UFplus heating cabinet can be used for heating non-sterile towels and blankets.